Everyone knows the importance of drinking vegetable juices and nutrients that we consume. But how many of us take that headache to use a traditional juicer to make juice? Few of us? Right! Blending & juicing can be a tedious task sometimes, especially if you don’t own an advanced blender & juicer. Thus, we went in depth to find a right blender cum juicer cum grinder. Voila! Wonderchef Nutri-blend – The 20-second wonder by renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor & Ravi Saxena.

Today, I made a wonderful discovery and let me walk you through it:

A Perfect Blend of Healthy Life

We city dwellers usually don’t find respite from our hectic lives. Our personal and professional commitments always keep us on our toes and where would we find to keep a tab on our health. Grabbing an instant breakfast has become our unhealthy ritual and so drinking healthy juices is out of the question. Today, we much better option where you can get a glass of healthy juice within 20 seconds of your busy life.

Wonderchef Nutri-blend is the answer to your healthy life!

The duo – Sanjeev Kapoor and Ravi Saxena have come together to innovate various products that do not compromise on your health but rather complement to your fast-paced lifestyle.

  • With the innovation of Wonderchef Nutri-blend, one can rediscover their healthy habits of drinking juices and let me tell you how. This unique 3-in-1 blender, juicer & grinder make fresh juices within 20 seconds. This power-packed appliance has many features, such as:
  • Wonderchef Nutri-blend gives you nutrient-rich and absorbable food by extracting every drop of antioxidants, proteins, vitamins & minerals from the food.
  • The appliance has 400w super-fast motor that blends and grinds in seconds.
  • It comes with 2 interchangeable jars (Long jar-500ml & Short jar-300ml) and 2 separate blades (Grinding Blade & Blending Blade) apt for grinding the hardest spices like cumin seeds, turmeric etc.
  • The appliance is very durable and unbreakable in nature.
  • It is steady and safe to use with non-skid rubber footing.
  • All parts are detachable and easy to clean (additional lid & seasoning cap provided)
  • It comes with a reliable Wonderchef warranty.
  • And the best part is it costs only for Rs. 3,599/-

Why should you buy Wonderchef products?

No, I am simply not promoting Wonderchef products here. In fact, I am promoting healthy living. And you know what I have ample reasons to support my views.

Everybody has been a fan of Sanjeev Kapoor’s cooking. He is the ruler of Indian kitchen who has transformed the way we cook or experiment in the kitchen but how many of us have ever experimented with different appliances? How many of us have ever considered making a housewife’s job a bit easier?

Today, every brand is bringing innovation and technology but only a few of the brands are coming with thoughtful & convenient cooking solutions. And one of them is – Wonderchef.

Image Courtesy: sanjeevkapoor.com

Wonderchef Kitchenware was created by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Mr. Ravi Saxsena in 2009. They envisioned for healthy & convenient cooking as a part of our lifestyle. With their innovative collection of Die-cast pans, non-stick pans, dosa tawas and a range of blenders and juicers, they have transformed every Indian kitchen into a healthy kitchen.

The latest technology of Cold-Press Juicing was first initiated by Wonderchef in the Indian market. Their recent innovation of Wonderchef Nutri-blend has been a top-selling product. Who would have thought that making a juice can be a 20 seconds task other than Wonderchef?

Some startling facts about Wonderchef Products

Mr. Ravi Saxena at Wonderchef outlet in R City Mall Ghatkopar explained how Wonderchef products brought in the market after doing an extensive market research. These startling facts about Wonderchef products are worth knowing:

Global Standardized products at an Indian price

We Indians love products with global quality and global standards but want these advanced products at an Indian price. Wonderchef has been adapting global trends and molding products in order to fulfill our need for global-standardized products within a good price range. Hence, Wonderchef products are a great value for your money.

Colorful home appliances to resemble colorful India

We Indians love colors in everything. We have colorful festivals and we have colorful palate when it comes to food. Thus, after a lot of consideration, they introduced a range of colorful home appliances that would make your kitchen look bright and beautiful. Wonderchef Nutri-blend is available in colors like purple, black, white, maroon & golden. Even their range of non-stick pans and other cookware items come in vibrant shades and designs.

Indian housewife’s job much easier

Even electronic appliances like blenders, grinders, and juicers did not make Indian housewives’ job easy. They would either break, stink or would consume a lot of time. Additionally, not all Indian housewives have the liberty of time as she has many household chores to complete. Her problems were many and solutions were less. Also, all cannot buy global-standardized products give their expensive price range. But Wonderchef eventually came out with Nutri-blend product which is not only easy on pockets but it makes blending, juicing and grinding a lot easier job for them.

Price and quality does matter

When you shell out money for anything you think thrice about the quality more than price. Don’t be wondered but this brand certainly vouches for their products. You won’t be disappointed with Wonderchef products as they are durable, come with a guarantee and not at all compromised on quality. You can rest assured if you’re going to buy any of the products.

Lastly, Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe book

Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipes have helped many housewives to make scrumptious meals. At Wonderchef, you don’t just buy appliances but you take home a wonder of taste. Get Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe book as a complimentary with the products.

After all, Wonderchef is a perfect blend of health, taste, and convenience that will inspire you to ‘cook with pride’.

Agree? Yay or nay!

I had a wonderful experience today while at Wonderchef outlet and I totally loved it what I discovered.

For a perfect blend of healthy life, I choose Wonderchef! And you?

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