Mumbai, every dreamer’s lovable town, every struggler’s inspirational town and Mumbai, every achiever’s busy town! Yes, from all corners of India people come here as Mumbai keeps luring everyone and everywhere.

I have been a resident of Mumbai by birth. I have been brought up surrounding never-dying zeal of this city, the charm, the noise, the spirit and everything. If I go out of town, few days can keep me from the hustle-bustle of this city. I have loved every bit of this city since my birth and never feel leaving Mumbai as the city keeps me inspiring and wondering with its charm.

I loved talking and discovering about this city. There is so much to do and so much to tell outsiders when they visit. #WhenInMyCity, our relatives arrive from out of town, I love to have them tasted what Mumbai is like.

You know what makes me proud of my city? These are the things:

Food That Makes All The Difference

Vadapav! Yes, you heard it right! In Mumbai, food makes all the difference. Here, Vadapav beats the Macdonald burger. Mumbai is extremely popular for its street and local food. You’ll find every nook and corner selling this affordable snack day and night. A single Vadapav is an answer to quickly fulfill your hunger pangs or stimulate your taste buds.

Mumbai’s Enthusiastic Lifestyle

Nobody can beat when it comes to living against all odds than Mumbaikars. Yes, Mumbaikars have won the hearts of many by their untiring attitude and zeal for life. From Fisher community to Parsi community, every crucial community of Mumbai has built this city far better than any city.

You’ll find n number of opportunities for work or talent. Mumbai has space for everyone. You’ll never see this city sleeping. Mumbai’s enthusiasm is often witnessed during festivals or as bad as when the city comes under the terrorists’ radar. Mumbaikars never stop helping others. Our enthusiastic lifestyle has kept this city lively.

Mumbai’s Glamour

#WhenInMyCity, you must visit or witness the glam of Mumbai. Mumbai’s Bollywood adds glitter to the city’s glory. Mumbai;s film industry churns out a good amount of films that keep entire India entertaining. Even it is meant a glimpse of Salman Khan or Amitabh Bacchan, makes Mumbai different from other cities in India.

R. K. Flim Studio

Mumbai’s Dabbawalas

Business management is a skill that everyone wants to learn. However, Mumbai’s dabbawalas have kept many management students and experts amusing about their management. They are absolutely awe-inspiring when it comes to delivering tiffins to tangled and twisted lanes of this city. They effortlessly travel and ensure to deliver tiffins on time.

Hell yeah! It is another specialty of Mumbai that must watch, observe and learn. You never know it will help your business goals!

Mumbai’s Must-visit Places

Mumbai’s history is rich and so its varied cultures! You can feel, see and breathe its essence in its places. If you’re visiting Mumbai for the first time, I bet you wouldn’t see such vibrant places other than in Mumbai. Khotachi Wadi is Mumbai’s famous place, rich in culture and has a glorious history. Its residents are proud of their iconic homes. This place’s architecture is marvelous and you could trace back its history in 1800’s.

Worli Seaface

Worli Seaface has become a modern phenomenon of Mumbai. Yes, it’s a sight to behold and admire. First-timers of Mumbai should drive to Worli Seaface and I certainly bet on this that you’ll have time of your life. The long stretched bridge over the sea, soothing sound of waves and gleaming skyline above is the sight one should watch for.

Other places like Colaba Causeway Market, Chor Bazaar, Kanheri Caves and many more places would excite you and would keep you engaged with activities like shopping, see-sighting etc.

#WhenInMyCity, I witness colorful festivals, vibrant people, varied culture, noisy atmosphere and still I feel that I have to explore so much!

The city gives me a chance to overwhelm my love for the city by letting other people know about my city. My city is special in every way and exclusive in every manner!

So, what about your city? Share your city’s specialties with us and #LookWhosTalking by commenting below!

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