Sarees have a long glorious history in India. This six-yard cloth has gained immense popularity all over the world. Most foreigners are very fascinated with Indian sarees. Although with time we have blinded ourselves with western culture and it seems the rich culture of wearing sarees are long-forgotten. To revive our original culture of hand-woven sarees is celebrating National Handloom Month by traveling across India.

Let’s see what exactly they have planned to celebrate our rich culture and glorious history of handlooms.

The Traveling Trunk presents ‘The Traveling Trunk’ an exhibition cum sale of exclusive hand-woven ‘Banarasi sarees’ in an endeavor to promote the Indian weaving craft from one of the rich weaving craft states of India. is celebrating the month as National Handloom month by traveling across India to showcase the true essence of handloom. In addition to Banarasis, Chanderi & Patolas, pure gold & silver zari sarees, Koras, a variety of bespoke blouses, and much more will be on display. has authentic Indian handlooms/crafts and is determined to bring the best of the craftsmanship to the world and help the struggling craftsmen with a window to showcase their best products. It has been focusing predominantly on the weaves from Chanderi, Banaras & just set a few looms in Gujarat, and reviving designs from museums and traditional forms from annals, and working with weavers themselves. invariably serves as a space for engagement with India’s rich textile history. It constantly endeavors to bring this textile heritage closer with every masterpiece it creates. With the archaic laborious weaving techniques that the weavers have perfected with time, they focus on displaying culture on the six yards of elegance. is knitting together the finest threads to weave the art of perfection, in elegance. is an attempt to bring the best-handcrafted products to you directly from the chosen craftsmen of India. began its Journey on National Handloom day on 7th August 2015 to promote and preserve the dying art of Indian handlooms. is celebrating the National Handloom Month all this August with a Travelling Trunk that starts its Journey from Delhi on 7th August and reaches Mumbai to exhibit the treasures at The Cymroza Art Gallery. The traveling Trunk will also be showcased in Ahmedabad, Vijayawada, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai.

Nishant reiterates, “We take pride in sharing that in our small journey we are able to not just curate but start our own production, and also have a Bespoke Banarasi Collection.” Knowing that many of our customers like to touch and feel the textile we have set up an experience center in Delhi and are also present at all the Taj Khazana outlets (The Taj Hotels) across the country.

Upcoming Showcase-

Where– The Cymroza Art Gallery, 72 Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai

When– 10th, 11th, and 12th August

Time – 11am- 6pm

Location Date
Mumbai 10/11/12 August
Vijaywada 17/18 August
Pune 21/22 August
Chennai 25/26 August

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