These days you would often hear complaints like hair fall, eye strain, backache etc. are these blessings of our modern lifestyle or is it polluted environment?

The reasons are plenty but do we have a way to live healthily? Yes, we surely have them plenty only if we’re determined to be healthy in our own comfortable ways.

My hectic schedule would often leave me less time to look after my health but I was determined to take control of my health. Since then I’ve implemented some healthy ways to correct my unhealthy lifestyle.

First thing first – my eating habits

I have a big sweet tooth and I cannot resist myself from having desserts.  However, keeping my health goal in mind I started having six small meals a day with plenty of water.This also includes seasonal fruits, fresh salads, and lentils.

My weekends are exclusively scheduled for a sweet thing called, ‘Indulgence’.

Yes, I allow myself indulge in having my favorite desserts and dark chocolate but again within my set limits.

Who says that one cannot have a healthy lifestyle without dumping your favorite food? It’s another myth for sure and balance is the key for everything.

Exercise & Excel

Yes, it is another health mantra of mine. I am not a gym person and so is my way of exercising differ. From dancing to the tunes of hip-hop to taking regular Yoga sessions has made me sweat.

My exercise sessions are not only entertaining but the skills make me excel.

Sleep in, Stress out

No matter what I ensure that I get enough sleep. Sleeping at least 8-9 hours every day rejuvenate you and recharge for the next day.

Love what you do

Life is wonderful unless you let it breathe. I have seen many office-goers complaining that they don’t get time. So, what are the weekends for? Taking up a hobby and trying to explore in it is another way to live healthily. Such activity not only occupies you with some creativity but diverts your mind from negative thoughts. Life is all about exploring, learning new things.

Reading lots of books, exercising every day at least for 30 minutes, eating healthy food and reserving some ‘me’ time can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

I found innumerable ways to keep myself #ApneTareekeSeHealthy without spending money but a productive time to self.

Wouldn’t you want to see yourself healthy and happy? Health is utmost important in every sphere of life. Our physical and mental well-being depends on our lifestyle. Amend your ways and bless yourself with good health.

I allow myself to be healthy and happy with #ApneTareekeSeHealthy. So, what are your ways to keep healthy?

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

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