Weddings! Aren’t they fun? Yes, absolutely they are. They bring laughs, tears and every emotion in between. Weddings display a stream of endless emotions where your would-be bride can sometimes be teary-eyed, can be moody, can be all smiley, or can be a bundle of nerves especially thinking about her new future. However, let’s not make her more nervous by talking about her future plans; why not celebrate wedding stress by showing some Rom-Com wedding movies.

So, here are these top 5 wedding themed movies that every would-be bride should watch before she walks down the aisle:


This one has been my personal favorite for quite a long. Annie (Kristen Wiig) has been chosen as a maid of honor by her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph). With a group of other bridesmaids, she tries hard to impress with her bizarre ways to impress her best friend but things don’t go as planned and all the mess happens. This comedy wedding movie is a must-watch for all those lovely bridesmaids out there as the movie conveys the message that how far one can go for someone you love.

Love Actually

This one is the craziest movies of all time. You would simply love the madness around it. Eight people are falling in love and often falling out of love. They don’t know whether they are with right people or dealing with wrong ones. This movie would keep you rolling with laughs and busy with their life stories. It is a classic hotchpotch that you would love it. So, fill in your gang and watch it right now. After all, love is actually all around us!

Wedding Planner

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Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) is an excellent wedding planner. She is ambitious, organized and hard-working. She knows what goes well when it comes to planning a great wedding. Although she has given up on love until she finds herself falling for a future groom of one of the biggest weddings of her career. Jennifer with her effortless acting skills makes this movie entertaining one!

Father of the bride

Nah, Nah! We won’t leave you teary eyed with the title of this movie. In fact, this movie is hilariously yet a sweet movie that every father and his daughter who soon going to be a would-be bride should watch together.

George Banks (Steve Martin) who is an overprotective father whose 21-year-old daughter Annie is soon to be married but George cannot think his life without his daughter. His emotional tumble and the extravagant wedding preparations add a lot of comic moments to laugh about.

Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride – This timeless movie of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is a true entertainer. Maggie Carpenter has left a trail of fiancés at the altar on her wedding day that receives tabloid fame. Soon she earns fame as the “Runaway Bride” thanks to the journalist like Graham who goes to her hometown to report more on her. Slowly and gradually love blossoms between them eventually turning into a happy ending!

Ta-da! So here is our list of wedding themed movies end! I hope you’ll like this list and let me know which one did you watch again and again!

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