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Top 3 Websites to Buy Funky and Cool Socks in India

Socks are healthy. They keep your feet warm and free of dirt. Although they bear the brunt of the tip-toeing you do all day long. Socks are also a fashion accessory. The last thing that you want is your socks should not smell like a rotten rat. Alas! They do if you don’t keep them clean and hygienic. Back then, in schools, you were supposed to wear clean, white socks. Luckily, your feet have got the freedom to express through a variety of funky, cool socks. Not just white but now you can stock the entire unicorn (sorry, universe) in your drawers as they come in all quirky designs and cool colors. Plus, they are Instagram-worthy!

Whether you want to make a style statement every day to your office or want to show off a playful side of yours, we discovered the treasure trove of lovely socks that is available online. 

Let’s begin the journey of happy feet! 


If you believe that life is too short to wear boring socks, then your search ends on Browse their quirky collection of socks designed for men and women and you may end up buying more than one pair of socks. Whether you want full-length socks or ankle length, you will enjoy browsing their collection as you search for a perfect pair. Although their price range is bit pricey, however, you wouldn’t mind paying as they offer free shipping for orders above Rs. 499/-. 

If your feet are going to brighten up with cute-looking watermelon socks or carrot socks, we are sure you will buy more pairs than needed. 


Express your cheerful side with socks from The website offers a variety of socks designed for men and women. You can shop by type or design style. They also stock perfume-infused and no show socks. Starting from Rs.199/-, you have n number of options to buy here. The bright-colored, funky slogans and geometric patterns will make your feet happy. 


Would you mind using boring ones or those which make you impulsive enough to buy? Of course, you want to join the bandwagon of other Instagrammers who don’t leave a single opportunity to show off their best, unique purchase. Supersox doesn’t disappoint you as you dig deeper and deeper. This online socks store has a funky collection for every age group. The socks come in different variety, colors, designs and styles. Starting from Rs.330/-, you end up saving more as they usually offer combo packs. The designs are inspired by the most popular characters of Disney movies. They offer Frozen, Avengers, Disney Princess and more. Their daily wear or Christmas special collection is worth-buying as socks have become a necessity as well as a fancy wear. 

This winter season, make your feet feel warm and keep clean and healthy with these super-cool, funky socks!

What are you waiting for? Order your favorite pair of socks from any of these websites and tell us how was your shopping experience. 

Happy Socking!

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