Antarctica – The coldest, windiest and driest continent of the earth! It keeps fascinating travelers from all over the world. Its snowy-white layer, gusty winds yet most desolate region keeps calling people.

If you’re one of those travelers who is amazed by the beauty of this region, this news is just for you!

The Q Experiences, a travel company known for their luxury travel tales and backed with 50 years of differentiated experience in various segments within the leisure and travel & tourism is preparing one of its kind journeys – The first luxury cruise to Antarctica! Isn’t it an exciting news?

The Q Experiences has recently ventured into small ship luxury cruising – The White Continent is curated chartered experience to Antarctica. It will be a unique expedition for a transformational journey at the sea. A luxury offering for the affluent Indian travelers, it will explore the mysterious continent of Antarctica by a select group starting from Ushuaia, a city at the end of the world. Curated travel experiences continue to be a constant endeavor at The Q.

The White Continent is the first commercial expedition to Antarctica exclusively for Indians and is set to sail in December 2017. The Q, keeping in mind the taste of their niche audience, have meticulously curated each element of this journey in order to create an unforgettable journey in Indian history.

They have chartered a sleek, gorgeous yacht unlike anything you would expect to be braving the Antarctic waters.

Awe-inspiring features of The White Continent Trip

  • The Q Experiences will be the first Indian company to charter a ship for the journey to Antarctica, a curated journey taking 200 people.
  • This unique voyage will begin on 09th December, 2017.
  • The White Continent has a curated itinerary, which takes the passengers to Antarctica region via South America, which is a crisper route, as it takes only 2 days to clear the Drake passage.
  • The ship has built in luxuries offering one of its kind experience to its passengers. From extravagant food menu, five star accommodations, to various recreational facilities like dance performances and live music is going to make this journey extremely exclusive.
  • Covers the whole journey in just 11 days, taking passengers through the unseen sights of Antarctica
  • Since the ship journey starts from Ushuaia, Argentina, The Q Experiences also offers pre and post trip itineraries, for the people who like to visit Rio, Buenos Aires, Machu Pichu
  • The interiors are designed by French virtuoso designer Jean PhillipeNuel are reminiscent of the French Riviera.
  • Atul Kocchar,  Michelin star chef is on board for the journey who would be creating special vegan and Indian menu for guests. In addition to this, they have partnered with DucasseConseil, a catering center of excellence run by Alain Ducasse, a distinguished chef who currently holds 21 Michelin stars, to enhance the onboard dining experience.

It is certainly going to be a dreamlike experience for everyone as the first Indian cruise is all ready to set its mark in Antarctica region. In the pursuit of unraveling the mysterious continent, The Q is once again setting the benchmark of its own standards.

Let’s join them as they brave the icy winds, traverse the colossal whites and explore the frozen wilderness. But before that, get a glimpse of this rare expedition from waters less travelled. Watch the mysterious stories of the south unfold.

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