So have you downloaded Sweek? Not yet? What do you know about Sweek by the way? We all have the writer in us but we don’t know where to express our stories that are hidden in us. Today, I am going to review this magic app ‘Sweek’ which let you publish your stories & let the world read about it.

Sweek – The App

Sweek is a mobile publishing patform open for all to read, write & share stories with the world. Sweek allows you to publish stories right under the one roof where one can read someone else’ story or publish your own story. Your stories can be publicized chapter wise giving you feel of publishing an e-book.

Sweek is now expanding its reach everywhere including India and other nearby countries. It already has existence in more than 90 countries & now it’s your time to become a Sweeker

The product

The Android app has an extremely user-friendly interface that makes your download super-smooth & easy. You can either access app from the touch of your mobile button or the click of your mouse from the desktop version. The simple menu bar is easy to follow where you can explore stories from all corners of the world. You can publish your stories even going offline.

The app allows you to check statistics of your published stories & keep you updated about the performance of your stories. The platform is not only an opportunity to publish your stories but it gives you a chance to build a loyal fan base. It gives you practice of becoming one of those e-books authors.

The app is extremely compatible with Android & Apple. You can access it from your smart-phone, tablet or computer.

Want to become an author?

Sweek is a publishing platform that helps you reach broader audience at a domestic as well as international level. Build good amount of fan base, be consistent online & soon you’ll be able to market your book in various segments.

My experience

I signed up from its desktop version & it didn’t take me more than few seconds. The app promptly shows ‘Featured’ & ‘Popular’ stories first followed by ‘Unfindables’ & ‘Classics’.

Sweek resembles to an e-book where you read each story chapter wise. The best part is you can publish your story without any cost involved.

I could publish my story within few minutes and share with my family & friends in less than 15 minutes.

Their ‘My Library’ feature allowed me to save my favorite stories that I can read even going offline.

How to publish a story?

To publish your story, all you need to do is go to ‘My Stories’ section – Click on ‘New Story’ – Write ‘Story Title’ & ‘Short Description’ – Upload Image – Click on next – Create ‘Table of Contents’  & You’re done!

Follow below instructions in order to publish your story:

Popular Features of Sweek

  • Not to miss their monthly competitions as it an opportunity for you to be listed in their ‘Featured’ categories & win exciting prizes.
  • Engagement rate is so high that your story will be read by Indian readers as well as international readers.

Rating – 4.5


  • Free to install & publish even during offline
  • Extremely easy to handle & publish
  • A huge network of authors, publishers & media partners
  • Has strong presence across 90 countries including India
  • High engagement rates
  • Have stories in 40 different languages
  • Rapidly growing the number of e-books


  • Perhaps none but they are yet to reach out millions of writers & so readers

Everyone has a story to tell & now has a free platform to share on. So, when are you publishing your story?

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