Pathshala Funwala, An Initiative By Nihar Naturals

How many of us have seen child laborers serving tea at the tea stall? Or helping their fathers when they should be going to school?

In India, such scenarios have become so common that we don’t feel bothered by the sight of it. We order teas served by these innocent children, drink down and leave. Has your mind ever crossed the thought of children who are deprived their basic right to education?

Over 80,000 street children are deprived of education in India. Knowledge is the power of any problem and roots of knowledge can only be strengthened through education.

Fortunately, brands like Nihar Naturals Shanti Amla has come up with a noble initiative called, Pathshala Funshala. It is an innovative mobile-based learning system that can help children learn English.

Why English?

English is a global language and it is utmost important to learn English than any other languages. Regional languages are easy to learn as most of us catch up mother-tongue very quickly as compared to foreign languages. We all know how important is learning English today as in many corporate English has become mandatory to swiftly communicate.

When children from poor families cannot afford basic education, how could they afford to learn English? Hence, Nihar Naturals’ initiative proves to be a great help where every child in India can learn English at the cost of nothing.

How Pathshala Funshala works?

This mobile-based learning system allows children learn English in a fun and interactive manner. All they need to do is to give a miss call on this number 8055667788 and in return, they will receive a callback.

Learning Becomes Fun

Teaching children is not at all a piece of cake. They need to be kept focused and entertained throughout the learning module. Hence, this carefully designed system teaches English through role play where two characters named – Abbu and Dabbu. These characters engage children with their interesting conversation. The overall learning session becomes total fun as it is supported by jingles, music and short stories.

Nihar Naturals Shanti Amla and its initiative

Nihar Naturals as a brand has certainly made an impactful contribution by taking this initiative. It also involved Vidya Balan, the brand ambassador. Nihar Naturals’ careful step has enabled many children to learn English which is as important as taking basic education.

So, What’s Your Role In It?

Only you can bring the change! Yes, you! I am talking to the readers who are visiting my site. It’s very simple. If you know any child who has come from a poor background or doesn’t have access to basic education or has interest learning in English, give them a chance to learn. Every day we receive unnecessary Whatsapp forwards and we too take interest in forwarding them. But what is harm there if you share this Toll-Free Number 8055667788 where children can learn English free of cost?

Be responsible. Start sharing this number through your social media channels. Be it Whatsapp or Facebook, do share it through Whatsapp or post it on your Facebook timeline. Your small move can bring a huge difference in their lives.

To make it more interesting, why not simply share below JPG through Whatsapp?

Nihar Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala’s toll-free number 8055667788

Nihar Naturals Shanti Amla, a leading hair oil brand of our country has played its role well by not only strengthening roots of our hair but spreading knowledge by taking this initiative. Now, it’s your turn to do your bit!

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