Share the Load with Ariel & Enjoy Long-lasting Relationship with Your Partner

It was heavily raining outside. Being a housewife, I was very much worried about the clothes that I washed yesterday. Varun has a bad habit of dirtying clothes, especially in mud. He would jump in the puddle of muddy water in the middle of the road and would enjoy the rain as he wishes. Of course, I cannot scold him. It’s his age to enjoy the rain but then stains?

But today, I seem to enjoy the rain too! Why? Because my husband Sid is helping me in household chores. Isn’t it amazing?

Ever since this Covid-19 has arrived in our life, everything has gone for a toss except our family life. We are blessed with more quality time with our families. I witnessed a lot of changes in my husband’s behaviour. Before Covid-19, he always used to be busy with his work and he would often arrive late at home with that sulky mood. Thankfully, he never raised his voice or fight with me or Varun. I know Covid-19 is a very serious situation but somehow I feel blessed that my family members are with me; at home spending time with each other. I can now enjoy a hot cup of tea with my husband in the gallery or while I fry fritters in the kitchen, he helps me in ironing clothes. For a housewife, I couldn’t have asked for more!

“Here, he comes!” I exclaimed.
Varun removed his raincoat and boots and ran towards me. I quickly took him up in my arms.

“Mumma, I enjoyed a lot in the rain. It was a big muddy pond and…” His chatter was on and on.

” And beta, what about your clothes? Who is going to clean?” I said animatedly

” YOOOOU”! Varun said.

On that response, my husband quickly answered. “Let mumma take rest for a while. We will do the laundry together”!

I heaved a sigh of relief. Both went inside to grab a laundry basket. While Sid was explaining Varun about functioning of a washing machine and how laundry works, I was admiring Sid’s parenting skills. I was happy to see how Sid was willing to #ShareTheLoad He rarely showed such maturity when it came to household chores. But I loved the fact that he always shower paternal affection on Varun whenever he got a chance. And I sunk deeper in thoughts.

I remember just how a few days back, Sid made a breakfast of omlette and coffee and served me in my bed. It revived old memories of ours when we were dating. And then just two days back, he surprised me with his plan of candle light dinner at home. Today, his simple act of #ShareTheLaundry has made me feel so good.

Although he isn’t good at dish-washing, it seems like he has picked up well at what he can do to lessen the household load for me. One night he also confessed that I am a good housewife and I rarely cribbed about household chores and how effortlessly I manage our house.

It makes me feel good that Sid has realised that managing a house is a herculean task. This realisation brought tears in my eyes. Sometimes a small act of caring does a magical job in any relationship. Indeed, it has done in mine!

You and your partner should also #ShareChoresMultiplyLove to enjoy the long-lasting relationship.

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