Clicking selfies has become an insuperable part of our lives. Why should it not be? Isn’t it a beautiful way to capture ourselves and freeze that moment forever and make it a part of our life? I love taking selfies. It allows me to express myself, my emotions beautifully. I can capture the best moments of my life at one click. And that click enables me to have that prized possession called – “memories”.

Aren’t we look back and check our previous photos and they give us nostalgic feeling? Don’t they bring a smile to our face when we glance back at them? It happens to me more often than I can count. I have many selfies clicked every year that it has become an album of my growing life. I always used to imagine how I would look like when I would be old someday and what about those days which are part of my life.

Thanks to technology that we can now preserve our memories, unlike the days where we couldn’t. I cannot thank enough to my smartphone that it allows me to click pictures and collect memories. And then we again have best moments of our life that we want to linger on again and again. Thanks to Selfie Camera feature that we usually all of us have on our cell phones.

Pictures also allow us to celebrate those old good days. I have had many beautiful moments in my life but if one of the best selfies that I ever had is when I did not shy away from myself and I captured that shy, delicate girl in me.

This selfie is a part of my celebratory life when I was spending one of the best garba nights at a friend’s place. While she was getting ready for garba, I indulged in taking selfies. After clicking many selfies, this turned out to be one of the best among all those expression-filled pictures.

This was the time when I dropped all my inhibitions and expressed myself without feeling hesitant or awkward. This is the selfie that will always remind me my time as a young lady when ill grow old. This is the selfie that will remind me that I had the best time of my life when I’ll be old. This is the selfie that will remind me that once upon a time I was young and beautiful when I’ll be old and wrinkled. This will be the selfie that will remind me of good old time.

Today I can capture as many memories as I want. I can capture anywhere any time and never miss that chance to freeze that perfect moment of my life and my dear ones. Selfie experience is something can only be experienced with your smartphone. Luckily, many mobile phone manufacturers are investing precious time to make your ‘Selfie Experience’ best of the best. The market is now focused on how one can click their best self-pictures with one click. There were times when manufacturers were focusing on developing other smartphone features but realizing the emotional value of a selfie, they now develop such phones to allow a user to click their best pictures.

I only wish that I had a better picture quality at that time as it is 2 and half year old picture as it would have come with better clarity. But lucky me that I can still figure out more options especially when the Vietnamese brand like Mobiistar has made its entry in India now. The Mobiistar brand promise is to ‘Enjoy More’ that focuses more on giving an enhanced experience of taking selfies. Their phones have been designed to give users a meaningful experience provided with front, duel selfie camera that captures a 120° wide angle shot.

That means you can click a groupie also with the best quality and picturesque background into the frame, fitting everyone in a single frame. Isn’t it nice to have such camera where you can click pictures with a better quality and with enhanced experience?

Like we always expect that every smartphone should have a better quality ‘selfie camera’ to have enhanced ‘selfie experience’ the same way it goes with our memories as well. We want our memories nice and clear and not faded one. We always have that fear nagging at us what if the pictures get faded or distorted as the time goes. However, Mobiistar is designed to provide a star-studded performance every time you click a selfie. It is backed with a powerful long-lasting battery and Snapdragon processor that allows you to click selfies as many as you want without having a worry of losing your chances to collect beautiful pictures.

Be it any function, wedding or anything, we no longer have to worry when Mobiistar is here. I am ready to click selfies with #Mobiistar and never miss a chance to lose any of my memories, are you?

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