Are you a musical soul? Do you daydream about live performances by your favorite music band? Now your wish is going to be a command for a musical genie called – Fan-A-Gig.

Yes, you heard it right! We’ve had Justin Bieber, Coldplay, and David Guetta and now we can expect more international performers coming in India to perform live. They say music knows no boundary and does not need to understand language. Fan-A-Gig is one site which is crossing all boundaries to bring your favorite brand in India and how. Let’s look at it!

What is Fan-A-Gig?

A new startup launched this site – Fan-A-Gig where you vote for your favorite band. The more vote, the changes are bigger to get your favorite band come in India to perform. This brilliant idea is by none other than Kabir Bhasin (Co-founder of Furlenco).

How it works?

Now this is for you all music lovers. This platform unites all fans across India to vote for their favorite artist/band either international or regional to perform in India. All you need is to do vote, vote and vote. Invite your friends to vote and see your dream coming true.

As of now there are many campaigns running where your one vote can change the whole scene in India. Moreover, you also have an option to create your own campaign and tell friends to vote.

Once there are maximum votes for the particular campaign, Fan-A-Gig team will work towards to accomplish your dream.

Surely, Fan-A-Gig is brewing one big musical storm and it is going to be a revolution in India change the face of music industry.

You want Red Chili Peppers, Bob Dylan or any other favorite band of yours here, vote at Fan-A-Gig now!

For more info, visit their Facebook page.

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