Is your child coughing all the way to your house corridor till the time he steps in as well?

Oh, those lovely furry friends of ours who keep shedding fur! That dusty furniture in the living room where those microscopic dust mites cannot be seen even with our naked eyes. Don’t forget that poorly ventilated kitchen and so is the coat of paint on our walls. What about adults in our families who pollute indoor air with that puff of smoke?

We think air pollution is only an outsider thing, aren’t we? Unfortunately, the air inside our homes can be more polluted than the air outside. Above are some of the major contributors to indoor air pollution.

We often overlook health problems like a persistent cough or any other respiratory diseases in our children. We tend to think that outdoor air is responsible for such persistent health problems. However, according to WHO, 4.3 million people die every year due to the constant exposure to indoor air pollution.

Now, how would you feel having inhaled impure air every day in your own home? Is there not any solution for household air pollution? How can we be so ignorant towards our and children’s own health?

They say ignorance is the bliss but in this case, it isn’t. Recently, I recognized this global problem in my local way that why I wouldn’t cure my persistent cough when I found myself surrounded with dust and smoke.

That’s when I started dealing with this problem in an easy yet effective way to keep the fresh air inside and problems outside.

Here are ways that you can deal with inside air pollution:

  • Clean, Mop and suck it up

Oh, that lovely carpet of yours, a stack of your favorite reads and soft, fluffy toys of your children! Yes, we love these as much as you do but the dust has its own way to reside. Dust is the evilest thing and a major contributor to household air pollution. Dust can cause pollen, bacteria, mites, mold, and mildew.

Cleaning your floors regularly is the only way to keep dust away. Use plain water or naturally scented household cleaning products to remove dust in the air.

A vacuum cleaner with a strong suction power can help suck the dust which often settles in corners of the house such as the bookshelf, under the lamp shade, your bedding etc.

  • Eliminate Odors, Spread Pleasant Smells

Spilled milk in the kitchen, a rotten tomato in the cupboard and unwashed dirty laundry! Eww! What an unpleasant sight to watch and smell, isn’t it? Yes, we agree accidents happen in the kitchen and so is pet litter in the living room but who want such odors?

Mild Air Fresheners and plants

Quickly clean up such acts with some baking soda instead of air fresheners. Make space for mild, naturally-scented air-fresheners and laundry products.

Allow some natural air by bringing nature indoors. Plants like Aloe Vera, Fern, Gerbera Daisy, Golden Pathos or Peace lily naturally purify the air. Their roots and foliage absorb chemical pollutants and release fresh air. And who wouldn’t love the sight of some fresh flowers?

  • Make your home a no-smoking zone

Humans have fancy ways to waste their lives and one of them is cigarette smoking. No matter how much Shakrukh Khan looks cool while smoking on screen but he would definitely agree to its ill effects on our health.

Declare your home a no-smoking zone by not allowing smoking inside. After all, everyone cares for their family and so do you! I am sure your loved ones would understand the motive behind it.

  • Keep your home well-ventilated

Did you just have a bath but your bathroom is clogged with soap foam and no open windows? The sound of cooker whistling and the aroma of fresh meals! We so love that! However, cooking, cleaning and many other household activities discharge lots of pollutants in the air. Kitchen, bathroom and washrooms – yes, your watchful eyes should also be there!

Always use an exhaust fan or open a window when cooking or cleaning. Keeping washrooms well-ventilated can reduce humidity preventing the growth of mold and mildew.

Make good use of air-conditioner as it helps reduce moisture in the indoor air. Interestingly, air-conditioners also reduce indoor pollen count which often causes respiratory diseases like asthma or an allergic cough.

Home sweet home

See, keeping home clean and healthy is not that difficult. Now, I can proudly say that the love is in the air and not the pollution. No, I am not making any tall claims here. In fact, air pollution has made me wise in many decisions.

If you really love your home, this Diwali you wouldn’t paint your home with any other common paints. I have chosen Royale Atmos to paint my home. I want my walls to breathe and not suffocate me. I want my walls to look beautiful and not a contributor to air pollution.

I recently learned about new technology implemented in creating Royale Atmos. Its activated Carbon technology reduces harmful pollutants from the air. As a result, it makes the air fresher and keeps my home look beautiful in all seasons.

Interestingly, Royale Atmos is the first Asian Paints product to have a fragrance. That means I will enjoy painting my walls and smelling them even after the job is done.

I can finally inhale fresh air every day at my home, relax on my couch and enjoy yoga at the terrace.

Oh, did I just hear about air pollution? What’s that? Hahaha

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