“Machli jal ki rani hai, Jeevan uska pani hai

Hath lagao toh dar jayegi, bahar nikalo to mar jayegi

Pani me dalo to jee jayegi, Sara pani pi jayegi”

How true is it, isn’t it? Water is certainly our life. Just like the fish, we too need water to consume and to lead a healthy life. We all know how water plays an important role in our life. Be it a summer, winter or any season, we need water for everything.

Can we even imagine our earth without water? This could be a terrible condition and this real life fear is lurking. We all know we have been wasting water. Gladly, people are becoming aware of the current situation when few lands are becoming drier and dead.

The government is also taking crucial steps like advertising and trying to spread the importance of water in one’s life. However, these initiatives are taken by the government aren’t sufficient as we live in a very dense populated city. Moreover, not all advertisements reach to rural areas. So, how are we supposed to conserve water? Is there magic or logic to apply in this situation?

Today, in most rural as well as urban areas advanced water saving technologies are getting implemented. But considering our future generations, wasting water will only cost us dearly. While the government doing its job, can we contribute our share to save water?

Yes, definitely we can! Here are water conservation tips that we as an Indian citizen can help conserve water for our future generations.

Repair leaked taps at home

They say a drop can make an ocean only if you take an effort to conserve and make it big. Often has been the case where leakage is never fixed at the earliest when it should be. Now its time to make sure that you fix the leaked taps at home as soon as possible. This simple action of ours can save gallons of water. Think as we know we have future generation to come.

Use water only as per your needs

Water is used on a daily basis. Be it cleaning, washing, drinking and more. However, we human beings tend to become careless and disrespectful towards our natural source given by the almighty. Aren’t we often keep water running while we are brushing our teeth? Don’t we unnecessary use water when all we need is a half bucket or two?

Keep a tab on your careless actions. Make sure to use water only for necessary household tasks.

Spread awareness

Social media has been one of the greatest mediums to reach mass audience. Wouldn’t that be nice if you start spreading awareness about water conservation?

We all keep promoting sometime unnecessary forwards. So, why can’t we just use our social media platforms to spread the good word? When we can do unnecessary, why can’t we promote something necessary?

So, calling you all support initiative by Livpure in collaboration with#IndiChange for water conservation by going #CuttingPaani. Livpure has come up with this noble movement that will certainly make a difference in millions of lives. Your one click or forward can make at least a small action just like the tiny drop of the ocean.

Make your friends and family aware of water conservation and how it is important for future generations. Try using your social media handle to make this movement popular and workable in a truest sense by being an active participant.

So, next time you go anywhere take #CuttingPaani and not a cutting chai!

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