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Puuung – This South Korean Animation Channel Tells You What Love Is!

“Love is in small things!”

They say love is in small things. How true is that? The cuddle of his, the heavenly smell of his body, the warm touch of his hands, cooking a dish together, making beds, having a romantic candlelight dinner or his gentle peck on your cheek – these and many things define love in details.

If you want to discover what love is or your loved one has gone out of town and you are missing him/her so much, watch this video by Puuung. 

Puuung's YouTube Dashboard.jpg

Puuung is an animator and illustrator from South Korea. She runs her YouTube channel depicting the small joys of life through her amazing animations and illustrations.

Once you visit this channel, you will be hooked to her illustrations as they are super-cute and her story-telling is very impactful. Show some love to her videos and do subscribe to her channel! 

Till then enjoy this video!  

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