Can a rental home give similar vibes what we get from our own home? Can a ‘Sweet home sweet’ be a reality if you are a bachelor living in a rental house?

Office-goers who have shifted from their hometowns to working cities, getting a feeling of home can be tough. Your rental home might restrict you from personalizing the home the way you want. Who would want to waste money on buying comfy furniture when you know you would go back to your hometown sooner or later? But does that mean you cannot have good night’s sleep on a comfortable bed or sip a hot cup of coffee relaxing in a chair?

Of course not! We are millennials who are always on the go and it’s time to personalize your rental home the way you want and within your budget. Still wondering how can you personalize your rental home?

Setting up home is no more a challenge as RentoMojo makes your stay extremely comfortable and classy by allowing furniture on rent and more. Here are few tips for personalizing your rental home and own the feeling of being at home:

Décor your Rental Home without much effort

Isn’t it nice to have a bean bag placed at the cozy corner of your house or you can relax on a sprawling queen bed to spend some of your lazy mornings? Even furniture like bed, sofa, and cupboard can help you keep your home clutter-free and make your mornings less haste-free. In fact, a well-organized dining table in a living room or having a chic coffee table can also symbolize your personality as an owner of a rental house. Moreover, such décor or furniture pieces can make your life much stress-free.

RentoMojo allows you to rent out a quality furniture without any hassle. From 1 seater sofa, queen mattresses, to wardrobe, you can rent out anything. The prices start at Rs. 199/- to 1109/- RMI per month.

Home décor has become as easy as ABC with RentoMojo as you would not have to spend so much to buy furniture whereas you can simply rent it. If you are living alone or sharing a room with your roommates, it becomes a whole lot easier to rent out furniture from RentoMojo as the RMI get divided within your group. That means, everyone’s life becomes absolutely trouble-free, isn’t it?

Appliances on Rent

After a long, tiring day, you deserve a nice, cozy sleep and the air conditioner would ensure that you have one. Entertainment is an inseparable part of our life and a bachelor like you cannot miss your favorite shows like Game of Thrones or Stranger Things. And who would do your dirty laundry that can make one puke? Those stinking socks, stained clothes is a big no-no for anyone including you.

The simple solution to all these problems is you can easily rent out these home-friendly appliances right on The rent starts at as cheap as Rs. 269/- per month for owning an oven or own that dream-like big flat screen for just Rs. 689/-

Make your traveling convenient

All right! We know buying a bike involves paperwork and again importing to back to your hometown can be a daunting task. Office-goers like us who commute daily via trains or buses is another headache for sure. Why not rent out your favorite bikes like Royal Enfield Classic, Bajaj Avenger or Honda Activa? Your favorite brands are already up for renting at The RMI usually starts at Rs. 1655/- to depending on which bike you are looking to rent out.

Get rid of daily back-breaking traveling and rent a bike on RentoMojo.

Cost-effective Packages

Usually moving out of your hometown and setting up a new home can be an uphill task. Your emotions usually swinging back and forth and you do not know what and how to set up a new home. However, RentoMojo makes your life easy by letting you own appliances, furniture, and bikes as well as its cost-effective packages. Whether you are a bachelor or a couple recently shifted to a new rental house, all you need is to choose a package on after finalizing your budget and your requirements.

Why buy when you can rent?

Searching a new home for rent, then settling with a real estate agent for every month rental and everything is a quite herculean task. Then, it comes to home appliances and furniture. Who would want to waste time and money so much for buying such things when RentoMojo offers plenty of advantages? The whole procedure is extremely hassle-free. It allows you to rent furniture, bikes, and appliance with no additional processing fee. RentoMojo is very convenient, commitment-free and cost-effective brand that enables you to smartly own quality furniture, appliances, and vehicles at an affordable cost.

You relocate your subscription within your city or across 8 major cities in India for free without any interest.

After all, we all are living a subscription lifestyle! Be it subscribing to shopping services or your regular dish TV subscription, these services make our easy and breezy. It makes perfect sense for millennials to smartly own everything when our life is always on the go. Your subscription moves with you, wherever you go.

So, when in doubt, just rent out at!

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