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Since the day Patanjali products have launched in India, they are getting tremendous response. And why they should not get? Their products are absolutely reasonable in price & natural in quality. I have always been fan of natural products. Today, I am going to review Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shikakai Hair Cleanser and let you all its benefits.


Patanjali’s products are known for their simple and free of showiness packaging and hence, Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shikakai Hair Cleanser is no exception. The bottle has dark-brown colored lid attached to the bottle. The quality of the lid could have been better but here I am bit disappointed.

My experience with Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shikakai Hair Cleanser

They say never judge a book by its cover and same goes for the product. The shampoo is extremely good for hair. As soon as you open the lid and press, transparent brownish colored shampoo come out of it which exactly smells like shikekai. The smell and thickness of the shampoo confirms its quality.

If you’ve middle length hair, you need to wash your hair twice. After second wash, it removes all the dirt & oil from your hair. 200 ml bottle can easily be used for 2 months without any worries only if you’ve middle length hair. (This is my personal experience)

The day I have started using Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shikakai Shampoo, I no more needed additional conditioner. The quality and the quantity is absolutely worth your money.

Instructions to use 

Before shampooing your hair, it is important to oil your hair. Gently apply either coconut or olive oil on the scalp and the ends of your hair. Leave it overnight. Next day make sure your hair is wet. Take small quantity of shampoo on the palm. Now gently slather on your scalp as well as the loose ends of your hair. It creates good amount of foam enough for your either short or long hair. However, for longer hair you might need 3-4 washes in order to remove oil entirely.

Once you shampoo, apply conditioner of your choice and then rinse it off well.

Innovation & price

200 ml bottle comes at Rs. 95/- is quite reasonable. Bringing back herbal products with refreshing twist is always a welcoming change. Thanks to Ramdev Baba who is not only innovative in his yoga practice but he reinvented a way to bring back herbal products with natural elements.

Rating ****


  • Extremely good for hair
  • No need of conditioner (But advisable to use conditioner for dry scalps)
  • Cleanses scalp effectively
  • Doesn’t dry out your scalp
  • Leaves faint smell of shikekai
  • The quality & quantity is absolutely great


  • Not at all travel friendly due to inefficient lid


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