Onions Have Literally Left Every Indian Household Craving and Crying for Them

onions price rise meme
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Onion, an important culinary ingredient found in Indian household has suddenly become a luxury vegetable being sold at the cost of Rs. 120/- per KG. Seeing such rising prices, every Indian household is literally crying for its flavor. Indian dishes cannot be completed without adding onions. Be it Maharashtriyan’s Kanda Poha or South Indian’s Sambhar, we need ONIONSSSS like anything! Although onion price rise has left common man in tears, it has also tickled our funny bone with the most hilarious GIFs, tweets and what not!

Let’s have ‘Peels of laughter’ together!

Twitterati threw themselves at #OnionCrisis only to make a hilarious treat for everyone!

onion price rise meme

Last time, it was banana that caused stir on Instagram and Twitter. Internet memes and Instagram posts left everyone teary-eyed with laughter. Have a look at these brilliant yet hilarious posts found on Instagram:

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Even #OnionCraze is trending on TikTok and we assure you that these videos will help you forget the crazy prices of onion for a moment!

‘Acche Din Aayenge’ seems like a far-fetched dream in #ModiSarkar when today we cannot even afford ‘ONIONS’. Till then why not humor ourselves with these super hilarious posts! Do share this post with your friends & family.

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