Applying only one nail polish color has become too mediocre. Can we think applying more than one color and make our nails look absolutely pretty? Yes, we can for sure! Today, let’s try Ombre nails that allow you to play with more colors and make your nails absolutely lovable and colorful.

By the way, ombre nails are also known as gradient nails. So, shall we design our nails? Let’s go!

Ombre/Gradient Nail Art

For Ombre nail art, you’ll need:

Any 3 colors of your choice (It should be a combination of bright and light colors)

Transparent nail polish (for top coat)

White Nail Polish (For base coat)

1 small sponge piece

Earbud or Nail art brush to clean excess nail polish

Nail Polish Remover

Step 1

Apply a coat of white nail polish as a base. Let it dry naturally.

Step 2

Here, I have chosen colors of peach, beige and coffee color. You can make a combination of red, fiery orange and yellow or black, grey and white. You can make as many combinations as you like. Make sure the leads are already open so that you can apply color one by one the piece of sponge. So, it wouldn’t dry and give you time to apply these colors efficiently on your nails.

Step 3

Once you are ready with your nail polish colors, start applying each color on the sponge. (see the image how I have applied colors to get a better idea)

Step 4

Now dab a sponge on each separate nail. Since the sponge tends to soak color, you’ll have to repeat the step 3 again before moving forward to the next nail.

Step 5

Let the nail paint get dry. Now apply a coat of transparent nail polish. It will help to stay longer your ombre nail design as well as it gives a nice to shine to nails.

Step 6

Now remove excess nail polish from the nails by using earbud or nail art brush with the help of a remover.

Your Ombre Nails are ready!

Try this Ombre Nail Art and click a picture and share with I hope you’ll find my post easy to enjoy ombre nails.  Let me know your experience by commenting below or share your posts by tagging me in your social posts. My social media handles are: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

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