Rainy season is here! It’s time to hit the muddy road, get drenched yourself in rain, have a hot cuppa of tea and stay worry-free! Oh, did I just say worry-free? Is it even possible to stay worry-free and hygienic when especially you have your periods on?

I know we girls have tons of worries when it comes to traveling during any season and stay hygienic. We all know how the sight of public toilets makes us throw up or hold our pee till the time we don’t reach our destination. And what about those pads? Where to dispose of them when you are traveling? When India is already making such movement like Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, you seriously don’t want to spoil your surroundings, don’t you? That’s the problem! How can you stay hygienic yet able to enjoy your trip when traveling outside? Wish to have more hygienic facilities in India for women?

While our prime minister doing loads of work in order to make places hygienic, here is one start-up doing their best to keep women’s hygiene intact and making them worry-free especially during traveling. Recently, I got to know about Peebuddy’s Travel Hygiene Kit for Her and I must appreciate their initiative for making this kit especially for women. Here’s is the detailed review of the products and why should you own Peebuddy Travel Hygiene Kit:

PeeBuddy Travel Hygiene Kit for Her

PeeBuddy’s Travel Hygiene Kit contains PeeBuddy Pee funnels, Mosquito Repellent Patch, Disposal bags, Period Pain Relief Patch, Intimate Wipes, and Underarms Sweat Pads.

1. PeeBuddy Funnels for Peeing in dirty/public toilets

The hygiene of public toilets is out of the question as we all know how dirty and unhygienic they can be. Urinating in public toilets not only increases your chances of contracting diseases but can make you feel sick. Fortunately, you no longer have to sit on the dirty public toilet as PeeBuddy’s urination funnel is extremely user-friendly. The funnel helps you stand and pee in a public toilet without having any worries. Women tend to contract with Urinary Tract Infection than men and certainly, PeeBuddy’s Pee Funnel reduces the changes of contracting with such urinary infections.

Whether you are traveling in a public transport like train or plane, you need not worry as PeeBuddy’s woman-friendly funnel help you urinate in a most hygienic manner.

2. Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patch

Periods can be as painful as anything. I get terrible lower back pain during periods. It makes me so difficult to even bend down or stand for a longer time. And trust me girls, Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patch is a blessing in disguise! I couldn’t be more relieved when I received this product as during periods my lower back pain goes to another level making me difficult to work and distract more.

The Relief patch is made of natural ingredients like menthol that gives a cooling relief in an instant. The product claims to provide relief for up to 12 hours but I removed the patch before the said time. (Oh, I can be restless with anything even though the patch is paper thin).

3. Sirona Intimate Wipes

We release sweat, urination and menstrual blood. We women terribly feel uneasy during periods and there you go – you always have that nagging fear in you being extremely unhygienic. Whom to blame? After all human bodies are designed to release these excretions. Yes, we have intimate body wash for sure but what about traveling? How to stay hygienic even during long-distance travels? PeeBuddy’s another solution to maintain hygiene during travels is Sirona Intimate Wipes. The wipes contain Citric acid, aqua, glycerine and fruit extracts that leave a faint pleasant smell after using it. The wipe is meant to use only once from front to back stroke and throw it away. Yes, you will feel much better after using it.

4. PeeBuddy Underarms Sweat Pads

You are about to attend a meeting but are you sweating a lot? Excess sweating can put you in an embarrassing situation. You are wearing a formal shirt and those sweat patches just below your underarms wouldn’t give a good impression. Does it? Again PeeBuddy another great product comes to your rescue. These Sirona Underarms Sweat Pads are a great way to spend a whole day sweat-free. All you need is to peel off the sticker and stick it on the inside corner of your sleeve and then get going. Again it’s a disposable product that after a day’s work you can throw it.

5. BodyGuard Herbal Mosquito Repellant Patch

Though I couldn’t get an idea how to use this product it seems the product is again kid-friendly and natural. Yeah, I know you must be planning a trip to a dense forest with your children and those mosquitoes can be a nuisance. The BodyGuard Herbal Mosquito Repellant Patch has aloe vera extracts that keep your children safe from mosquitoes’ bite. I liked the idea of using a patch instead of applying creams. I have never been comfortable with the idea of applying creams. So, this product also gets full marks in terms of hygiene and convenience.

6. I Love Clean Disposal Bag

Last but not the least, you take care of your personal hygiene but what about your surrounding?  Of course, you wouldn’t want to spread litter whichever place you visit, right? Be it using Pee Funnel, Intimate Wipes, or Mosquito Repellant Patch, make sure that you use these disposal bags that comes with PeeBuddy’s Travel Hygiene Kit.

Overall, I liked all these products and the kit made me feel special as it is designed especially for girls. That too traveling in India can be extremely distressing given the poor sanitation facilities and so this kit definitely comes in handy.

Lastly, I must applaud the efforts taken by First Step Digital for designing such useful and hygienic Kit especially meant for women!

PeeBuddy’s Premium Travel Hygiene Kit Highlights 

PeeBuddy – 10 Funnels

Feminine Pain Relief Patches – 5 Patches

Disposal Bag – 15 Bags

Intimate Wet Wipe – 10 Pcs (1 Pack)

Multi-Use Wipe – 10 Pcs (1 Pack)

Underarm Sweat Pads – 4 Pads, 2 Pairs

Mosquito Repellent Patches – 20 Patches

Price: Rs. 999/-

You can buy this product at PeeBuddy’s website

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