They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So whether you travel off-season or during the season, you’ll end up making beautiful discoveries!

My unplanned trip to Alibaug to unwind and take myself away from the hustle-bustle of the city has blessed me with pleasant surprises.

It took me 4 hours to reach due to constant rains and traffics but when I arrived Alibaug was as heavenly beautiful as it has always been. Rains made Alibaug muddy yet blanketed with thick greens. Aaha! What an eye-pleasing sight it was!

My stay

Once you reach Alibaug main bus depot, you can easily hail an auto to take you either nearest Alibaug beach or Varsoli beach. The locals are very helpful to guide you. Once you finalize your destination, staying is no problem as there are plenty of cottage options available to cater you.

I, fortunately, happened to stay in one of the best guest houses which was just 2 minutes walking from Varsoli beach – Nisarg Family Guest House.

It made my stay extremely comfortable and worry-free. The staff was extremely courteous and hospitable. Even though it was off-season, they charged very less. 1000/- Rs. per night was worth my time and money. They fulfilled every wish of mine, be it eating scrumptious modaks or hot water for the bath.

The rooms were quite spacious, clean and had every basic facility. Hot bath water, hand soaps, timely breakfast and other meal services, air-conditioner, television for entertainment and consumable drinking water. The beds were comfy accompanied with soft bed linens and cushions.

Nisarg Management strictly follows their rules and is mainly built for families. However, if you are a woman traveling alone or a group of girls they might allow you.  Yes, it is extremely safe to stay at Nisarg as their men guard at night and is available at your beck and call.

So, next time if you’re planning to visit Alibaug, you know where to stay!

Varsoli Beach Day 1

I woke up with a serene look and soothing nerves with no care in the world. The sun rays streamed through the gaps of the curtains. My morning was treated with vitamin D and a hot cup of tea. I quickly got up, readied myself and headed out to the beach. The sun was nowhere to see but the waves kept lapping up again and again.

Within no time, the rains swept us and I had to take a shelter of the nearby huts. The rains couldn’t stop me from the waves and I not only enjoyed heavy rains but enjoyed the playful waves.

Please note – An otherwise popular Varsoli beach had no water activities due to off season. So, you won’t be able to enjoy water sports.

Varsoli Beach Day 2

Another morning at Nisarg was greeted with heavy rains. On the second day of my trip, the rains couldn’t slow down and kept pouring and wetting entire Alibaug. So, Saturday morning and afternoon I spent in the room, enjoying the rains from the window.

Aha! What could you ask for more when you could laze around, watch back to back favorite shows, enjoy a steamy cup of tea, read between the lines and lie between the gentle sun rays?

I treated myself with natural surrounding that allowed a lot of positivity coming in. half of my day was quite relaxing and finally, rains stopped around 4 pm in the evening.

So, we decided to step out and enjoy the local life of Alibaug. Since I traveled during Ganesh Chaturthi, I witnessed Ganesh Visarjan.

Families gathered to wave a final goodbye to their beloved Bappa. For a while, the scene became a typical holy and religious. They were immersing Ganesha idols in the sea water. Alas! The next thing that anybody wouldn’t want to see was several Ganesha idols floating on the water. Some were strewn around the sea shore. The garlands, fruits, and other puja accessories were spread across the shore.


The sight was unpleasant to see and quite alarming that in few years Varsoli would be as polluted as other beaches of our country.

I did not like the kind of farewell; these villagers chose to bid their beloved deity.

On the other hand, I witnessed nature was as kind as it has always been. The sea was calmly witnessing the mess and waves were doing their job of throwing out what needs to be.

The sea, sand and the rainbows


The patterned sand dunes kept me wondering for a while and the yellow-grayish tinged sky.

The clouds kept me entertained with their different shapes and sizes. At one moment, I saw clouds forming silver screen as if there was a lot beyond it.

It formed a nice rectangular screen making it a cloud movie.

Gray, yellow and orange hues painted the rainy sky.

I took a long walk around the shore and the waves touched my feet.

The soothing sound of waves worked like a therapy, allowing me to transport another world of serenity.

The next moment, nature’s another miracle was waiting for me to witness. As I turned back, the rainbow appeared in the cloudy sky. The sight overjoyed me. I thanked the sea Gods for this marvelous beauty of nature.

Rainbows! For a city dweller, it is a rarity and a miracle. Though I couldn’t enjoy water sports or couldn’t roam around several beaches of Alibaug due to off season but my visit to Varsoli beach was absolutely worth!

Then again, who would see crabs crawling on the streets unless you’re in Alibaug? Yes, unusual sight of crabs freely crawling on the muddy roads of Varsoli and tall Palm and coconut trees were waving with the wind is a view to watch for.

With contended heart and calm mind, I left for my cottage. The evening was well-spent.

Dinner time

The food is very delectable in Alibaug. You choose to eat vada-pav or rice bhakari, you’ll relish good food. During our entire stay in Varsoli, we chose to order from hotel Samadhan and as the name suggests, the food was absolutely good. The quality and quantity are worth your money.

Time to leave for home

My whole purpose of this trip was to calm my workaholic nerves. Indeed, the trip was worth every penny!

How to go – Direct buses from Khopat, Thane to Alibaug Bus Depot

Where to stay – Nisarg Family Guest House or Parnkuti

(The seasonal stay fares may vary )

What to do – Enjoy local shopping & food, water sports and panoramic views of popular beaches!

Places to visit – Visit Alibaug beach very near to the bus depot itself.

Varsoli Beach – 3 km from Alibaug bus depot, known for best views and water sports.

Klhim beach, Naigoan Beach, Murud-Janjira fort and Kanakeshwar Devasthan temple

Where to eat – Hotel Samadhan 1km away from Varsoli Beach (Good food & reasonable price)

Best time to visit Alibaug – Between November to July

Estimated cost trip – 3000/- to 5000/- for 2 persons

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