“Do you even care about us? Our daughter is going to be 23 next month. From where are we going to get money for her marriage? Have you kept enough money in FDs or not?” she expressed in an angry tone.

“Oh Sheela, how long can you be so conservative? Yes, I’ve given a thought & I am going to invest in mutual funds on 7th of this month.”

“What??? Mutual funds? Do you even know about its risks?”

“Yes, I know very well and now it’s time that all of us should know that right investment lies in mutual funds.”

If you are one of those who finds your saved money is not giving you lucrative returns, then the mutual fund is the ultimate answer for a smart investment.

For commoners, each month comes with worries about credit card bills, utility bills, loan instalments, insurance premiums & much more. Only some portion of the salary is invested in schemes which are highly conservative in nature. When it comes to investing we usually opt for FD accounts in banks or purchasing gold. Some take one step forward by buying individual stocks & bonds. However, your right investment cannot always be a smart investment. What you invest from your salary might give you some percentage of investment but what if you invest little & get a lot in return? Let’s make your every month’s investment better. Here is how it can be done:

What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is a pool of money from various investors that trades in diversified holdings & extensively monitored by qualified professionals who use this money to create a portfolio. You invest as low as Rs. 500 but you reap good amount if you are investing for a longer period of time.

Why mutual funds?

Declining interest rates on the opening of FD accounts or similar other banking schemes are not only a big turn off for today’s investors but they no longer find lucrative in terms of returns. Same rule applies for gold investment. Not all can afford to buy gold given its extreme rates.

  • Monitored by AMCs

Mutual funds are flexible and easy to handle, especially when they are managed by renowned Asset Management Companies (AMC) like Reliance Mutual Fund. These AMCs are regulated by the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and are governed by Board of Directors. Although mutual funds involve a certain amount of risk; however, when monitored by reliable AMCs your investment becomes highly secure due to SEBI’s stringent guidelines.

  • Backed by the highly professional research team

Again, investing in the mutual fund is easy since it is handled by fund experts who closely monitor & advice to diversify your portfolio in several numbers of securities so that it minimizes the risk. An experienced fund manager keeps a close watch on the performance of your portfolio and prospects available in the market in order to give you maximum gains.

  • Low costs

Even a gold purchase requires a good amount of hard cash but what if you’re a young investor who wants to start an early investment? When compared to any other conventional investment options, mutual funds are extremely economical. All you need is to invest Rs. 500.

  • Safe & transparent investment with higher returns

Mutual Funds are regulated by SEBI and hence, you might have initial apprehension about them. However, handled by skilful fund managers your investment not only proves to be a safe & transparent investment but you also yield higher returns.

At the same time, mutual funds do hold a certain risk but these fund managers help to reduce the risk through a number of securities & diversification of your funds.

  • Mutual Fund Day – A day to invest dedicatedly

We know our monthly expenses at the tip of our tongue but when it comes to the investment we are tongue-tied. Sometimes we even miss insurance premium but paying credit card bill doesn’t require a reminder since it comes along with penalties.

But why would you want to penalize your future by doing meager investment? I loved the idea of celebrating Mutual Fund Day on 7th of every month, an initiative taken by Reliance. Along with reminders about bill payments, you would also be reminded about investing in mutual fund.

Reliance has initiated Mutual Fund Day with an ultimate goal to reach out all the investors and make them aware about mutual funds so that investors can fulfill their dreams and achieve financial independence. Since its commencement, Reliance has received more than 90,000 applications within a short of span of time. Reliance has taken every deliberate measure in order to educate people about mutual funds and has trained experts to resolve every apprehension attached to it.

Such thoughtful drive has created a wise movement among general mass, also benefiting giant corporations, firms, and companies.

An early investment definitely proves beneficial for a young investor as well as his/her family members. When mutual funds are flexible, economical & easy, you might want to suggest #FundForAFriend.

When you are suggesting a #FundForAFriend, you are actually helping your friend or relative to achieve their financial goals in a smarter & faster manner. We all have that one typical friend who has conservative mindset when it comes to investing money. However, as the time changes we need to adapt effective investment options. Whether you are a preserver, independent, accumulator or conservative, we all need a good amount of money saved in our bank account. For everyone money matters and so is the knowledge of sound investment.

#FundForAFriend is a nice gesture that reminds me of a well-known proverb – A friend in need is a friend indeed. Imagine yourself in situation where one of your friends is earning decent money even though who isn’t well-educated but knowledgeable whereas you aren’t. However, he doesn’t keep his knowledge to himself but is willing to share with you about smart investment. He might suggest you fund schemes that he is well-aware of. He is not going to gain anything out of it but he suggests you Mutual Fund because he also wants you to have a good investment. He does this for you. Its because you’re his friend and friends always help each other. Suggesting a #FundForAFriend sound like helping your friend, right?

Reliance’s initiative has certainly encouraged awareness & helpfulness among friends and family by initiating #FundForAFriend. Moreover, Reliance Mutual Fund offers a wide range of fund options to choose from. Equity, debt & liquid funds are some of the types based on your investment objective can help you invest wisely.

So, are you ready for Mutual Fund Day? It is time to invest in Mutual Fund to make your investment not only wise but a smart investment!

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