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MCaffeine Coffee Body Scrub & Polishing Oil Kit Review


The first thing that wakes you up in the morning is the heavenly aroma of the coffee, isn’t it? Do we not often spend our time talking, experimenting, and drinking coffee? Yes, we do! And what if this amazing ingredient can be applied to your skin? MCaffeine has brought a great combo of Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub and Polishing Oil kit to pamper your skin in a most relaxing and soothing way. We are spilling all the (cocoa) beans (pun intended) about these latest body polishing products. 

MCaffeine Coffee Body Scrub 

MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub is made of pure Arabica coffee and cold-pressed coconut oil. The scrub is smoothly grounded so that it won’t be harsh on your skin yet effective enough to remove dead cells from the skin. The kit also has a small wooden spoon so that you can scoop out a perfect amount of scrub. Whether you want to apply only to the darkened areas or whole body, you can always use a spoon without dirtying your hands. The body scrub is priced at 449/- Rs. for 100 gm quantity. It will last for months. 

MCaffeine Coffee Body Polishing Oil 

Before using the scrub, you must massage your skin with this Body Polishing oil infused with vitamin E, sweet almond, and rosehip oil. It has some raw coffee beans for additional aroma. All you need is to massage your skin with this polishing oil. Once your skin is soft and is shining with the smoothness of oil, then you can use a scrub. The oil gets penetrated the skin to produce better results of scrubbing. The exotic mixture of rosehip and sweet almond oil and vitamin E helps you reduce wrinkles and smoothen the skin. The body polishing oil is priced at 445/- Rs. for 100 gm quantity. 

MCaffeine Personal Wooden Massager 

MCaffeine Personal Wooden Massager comes very handy when you want to put stress on particular body areas. It is so relaxing to use the massager as it makes it easy for you to massage your own body without anyone’s help. The design of the massager is skin-friendly and eco-friendly too. Since more and more people are becoming eco-conscious, what could become a better choice than choosing a wooden massager? 


MCaffeine Nakes & Raw Coffee Body Scrub comes in a sturdy glass jar. The packaging takes away perfect 10 marks as you can use the glass jar for various purposes later. The Body Polishing Oil has a spray nozzle so that you can sprinkle oil on the body parts evenly. 

Innovation & Price 

Honestly, there is no dearth of coffee-infused products and this product is no exception either. However, the best part of this entire kit is that it comes with a personal wooden massager and a measuring spoon intact in a sturdy box. This kit enhances your body polishing experience when you are at home. You can indulge in your special ‘Me time’ with this kit at any time of the day without worrying about stepping out of the house especially during this pandemic situation. 

The kit is reasonably priced at 995/- Rs. 



Perfect for personal indulgence 

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