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LIziqi, the Chinese YouTuber Makes Village Life Look like Fairytale!

“Village Offers the Smallest Pleasures of Life in a Purest Form!”

What if you are given a chance to spend some days in a typical village where necessities are scarce? While most of us enjoy spending our holidays in villages, however, city dwellers like us cannot imagine spending the rest of our life in a village. Do we? You won’t understand the magic of living life similar to those fascinating childhood fairytales until you meet this YouTuber Liziqi!


The Chinese YouTuber Liziqi is famous for her videos which are shot in her home province, Sichuan. With utmost ease, this YouTuber is often seen creating everything from scratch. Be it embroidery, making elegant wooden furniture using bamboo or cooking up various traditional Chinese dishes using only fresh vegetables and ingredients, she does everything singlehandedly. Her videos have a cinematic quality and purity which leaves a soothing and meditational effect on a viewer. Her calming expressions and the surrounding that she works around make village life desirable.

She is seen with her grandmother and rarely talks in any of her videos. It is amazing to see her accomplish each laborious task with a lot of grace and ease. The soothing sound of the waterfall, birds chirping, stocking grains or even her style of chopping vegetables are enough for you to fall in love with her videos. Peaked mountains, the drizzling of snow, steam wafting from the hot wooden utensils, the rustling of the leaves, these are some of the eye-pleasing sights that she shows through her videos. She claims that she is the director of all her videos and she decides the angles of each scene. Whatever it is, you will enjoy each video of her thoroughly.

Liziqi’s videos cast a spell on you as you are hooked to each video and desire for more. The only downside I find while watching her videos is when she uses a lot of oil and water. Another thing that makes me cringe is the sight of beef or any type of meat and I have no option but quickly shut my eyes and skip that part.

Whether you want to learn ancient Chinese culture, wooden furniture or traditional Chinese dishes, you must follow her channel. Here is the glimpse of one of her videos:

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