Kankavli – the first picture that comes to anyone’s mind is lush green floras, free-flowing winds, and never-ending coastal lines.

Kankavli is a small, cozy town situated in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Kankavli’s climate is a mixture of the coastal and inland climate of Maharashtra. A city-dweller like me would not mind traveling to thousands of miles away from my home to witness nature’s in its purest form. Travelling is certainly hectic in such regions where the commute is still very much conventional, however, thanks to Indian Railways that we could cut the distance from Thane to Kankavli via daily trains.

My short trip to Kankavli had a purpose to it. One – I wanted to escape from the mundane work routine and another reason is to travel during the month of February is to attend most popular local fair – Kunkeshwar Jatra.

In Mumbai, most office-goers have got used to honking horns, daily rush for trains, unhealthy junk food and immersing in piles of work; one is rare to witness beautiful, wide landscape, glistening skyline, and almost magical calming sea.

After getting in Konkan Kanya Express, my travel took almost more than 9 hours to reach Kankavli station. I had already started experiencing aches and pains but once I reached it was worth my time and money.

The first early rays of sun made my face glow and I could actually experience what it meant when one says – A sun-kissed glow!

Day 1

My stay at one of my friend’s home took me back in time when once as a child I traveled with my father and nostalgia hit my memories. The day of my arrival was a day to rejuvenate and relax after a tiring journey.

2 days of my stay allowed me to taste the scrumptious food typically made in coconut and lots of rice (Aah that was quite heavy for me as I am more of a roti-eating person). The fresh catch of fish is a must in Malvani food though I could not taste as I am a vegetarian. However, it just beautiful to watch people catch fresh fishes to eat. Life here in Malvan region is slow and peaceful.

My mornings would often start with mesmerizing sunrise and evenings could not have been better when one could spend mindful time nearby the never-ending coastal line. The vibrant orange-hued sunset left me in awe. Listening to the soothing sound of ocean waves almost felt therapeutic.

Day 2

It was time for us to visit Kunkeshwar Jatra which is very popular in all Konkan regions. A throng of people crowded the place. In India, religious places like these attract many tourists and this was no exception too.

The Kunkeshwar temple is basically dedicated to Lord Shiva and it’s a belief that Lord Shiva fulfills the wishes of his followers. The temple was beautifully decorated with many garlands of lights. People often prolong their stay for 3 days till the fair ends and it has become a kind of a tradition that people spend a night within the temple premises.

One could witness religious feelings in abundance and at the same time families get a chance to spend a good, relaxing time at the beach.

Kankavli – A Paradise on Earth

My 3 days were extremely blissful and I could not have been more blessed than this where I could get up in a peaceful silence. The warmth of Malvani people could melt you in an instant. The food can keep your gastronomical journey enticed all the time. Kankavli, in fact, Konkan has been graciously blessed by nature that you gaze everywhere and you can see lush greens, cool winds blowing and the vast ocean seems never-ending.

Those typical row houses decorate Malvan, keeping it very natural and traditional. Otherwise, who would have liked to visit if Malvan too had skyscrapers? Come summer and Konkan go frenzied with constant throngs of tourists. Come rain and Konkan is blanketed with lush greens. The entire Konkan and its nearby regions look tremendously beautiful.


Back to home

After 3 days of the relaxing weekend, I did not feel like boarding the train but an office-goer like me had no choice. It was time to go back to home. I left Kankavli with a bag of beautiful memories and I was sure that these memories would keep lingering in my mind for days to come!

How to go – There are frequent trains from Mumbai to Kankavli

Konkan Kanya Express and Janshatabdi Express


How to travel to Kunkeshwar or Devgadh – Get down at Kankavli station, take a local 6 seater to Devgadh that cost Rs. 20 per person. Time to trip would take an hour to reach.

Where to stay – Many lounging options available nearby Kankavli station or in Devgadh as well


What to do – Sight-seeing, enjoy mouth-watering local cuisine, and water sports in Devgadh


Places to visit – Kunkeshwar Temple, Sindhudurg Fort


What to eat – Steamed modak, puranpoli, lentil curry made in coconut and loads of fresh rice; in non-veg – try kalva, tisryache kalvan and bangadyachi chutney


Best time to visit Kankavli – Anytime between Oct to Mar and June to Sep (if you want to enjoy scenery during rainy season)


Estimated Cost Trip – Around 4-6 k for 3 days if you avail local transport service

If you are a city dweller and tired of same mundane routine, pack your bags anytime of the year to visit this enchanting place on earth called – Kankavli!

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