How many of you know about Cosmoprof? How big is our beauty industry? While our Instagram feed gives us major beauty goals and influencers trying hard to push their business, the future of beauty is absolutely bright. Every day new cosmetic brands are getting launched online or offline and having the first edition of Cosmoprof in Mumbai, India has become a turning point for our ever-growing beauty industry. If you want to know more about Cosmoprof India and ongoing beauty trends, hang on here as we take you to the virtual tour of Cosmoprof India:

 About Cosmoprof India

The Cosmoprof India show is a B2B event and very much popular business show worldwide. It was the first edition of Cosmoprof held at the Bombay Exhibition Center (BEC) from 12th June to 14th June and is organized by BolognaFiere and UBM India. More than 232 companies from 23 countries had an opportunity to showcase their products and innovations on a massive scale. The show had three country and group pavilions mainly Italy, USA, and Korea. The show had a maximum number of manufacturers, importers, salons and other beauty traders presenting ingredients/raw materials, machinery and equipment, OEM, contract manufacturing and private label, primary and secondary packaging, service providers, finished product – with Perfumery and Cosmetics, Beauty Salon and Spa, Hair, Nail and Natural & Organic.

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The Tour

Cosmoprof is organized in different countries throughout the year where the buyers and sellers get a chance to interact and know new innovations, products, and technologies. This was the first time I went to Cosmoprof India as a writer and market trends observer on the last day of the show. And I realized everything was there worth the effort. Below are my few observations and moments that I had:

Korean Face Masks were a quick hit

OMG! The Korean beauty market is fast approaching the Indian market with their innovation, advanced technology, and super cute packaging. The face masks were quite popular among consumers and some salon brands too. Mirabelle Beauty, Adwin Korea Corp, Camco Perfumery & Cosmetics, Ekel, Quert, Skinbutak, Maskbook, and more other brands were showcasing products like mask sheets, creams formulated with snail secretion, collagen and hyaluronic acid, face serums, hair masks, moisturizers and cleansers. Among all, face masks were selling like hot cakes.

Marveling Skincare Innovation

Korean skincare is not only extensive but it is also innovative and comes with high technology. There is a huge demand for Korean cosmetics and I witnessed its popularity while I was at Cosmoprof India 2019. The skincare innovation is something would interest you when you see it with your own eyes. After all, they say ‘seeing is believing’. Knowing the increased demand for anti-aging products, Koreans are all set to have their innovation in place. The Korean company called DOSInternational displayed some high-tech machines like Clreo Facial Analysis System and Younique W the Original White Tanning machine. Clreo Facial Analysis System can generate a detailed report of your skin within a few minutes detailing about pores, wrinkles, spots, UV spots, skin type, Porphyrin, skin tone, and moisture and elasticity. The report also generates each concern in detail so that the user can have customized treatment to treat each skin concern.

On the other hand, the White Tanning System by Younique W has tanning bed inbuilt with LED rays to improvise your skin tone. Such innovations not only generate quick results but long-lasting also due to its detailing.

Attractive Packaging

Packaging of the products is very important. This is the first thing consumers notice and I was blown away with how much efforts do these manufacturers and sellers take to make the sales of their products as well as Instagram worthy. Nowadays, it is all about showing off on social media it is highly important for brands to wrap their products in attractive packaging to lure their customers. Its because as social media exploding day by day, it has become imperative for brands that their products are seen on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels. Cosmoprof India also had American and European brands showcasing their products.

Florinda.Soap an Italian bath soap brand had floral packaging which was definitely Instagram-worthy and was a pleasant sight to see.

Purederm had a range of hair masks, face masks, and nose strips and packaging was cute.

If Korean beauty was all about cute packaging, there were some brands that indulged in premium packaging. Brands like V FAU, Che: on, COSRX, Hask, Elian, Rica, Natural Korea, Luxederme, HOF, and Martin embraced premium packaging to attract the discerning crowd at the Cosmoprof India.

Popular Ingredients

Beauty products are often formulated with key ingredients as their prime base supported with other basic ingredients. Korean beauty products are known for using bizarre and highly effective ingredients and some of them were snail secretion, hyaluronic acid, collagen, pomegranate, eggplant, avocado, carrot, and broccoli. The most popular products were mask sheets and face serums.

Business to Business

Since Cosmoprof is a biggest B2B show, you will find manufacturers, distributors trying to strike the deal among them. However, as a visitor, you get to learn some aspect of a business, new trends, techniques, technologies, and newest beauty brands. If you’re a beauty writer or an editor, it can also mean business to you as you get to know more in the process.

Cosmotalks is another platform wherein you will majorly see beauty journalists hovering around. One of the sessions that I attended was ‘ What is trending in Indian Beauty Industry’. The Cosmoprof India invited three influencers to give their insights. In this digital age, now influencers are pushing the drive and influencing buyers’ decision with their reviews. Cosmotalks allows visitors to get useful insights into the beauty industry through their workshops, seminars and training sessions. It’s a good platform for emerging beauty writers and journalists to keep updated themselves with the latest happenings of the beauty industry.

The Conclusion

While the show is majorly for salon and spa professionals, manufacturers and distributors, as a writer I had a good time at the show. I got to witness the latest beauty trends, what products are trending in the market, new international cosmetic brands and yes, I also got a chance to lay my hands on best of Korean products with great discounts!

Me at Cosmoprof India ‘2019 Show

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