I love trying out different scrubs. Recently, I tried Alanna Detox Face & Body Scrub and wanted to give a detailed review of it before you buy it. What surprised me most is that I have tried Alanna’s products before as well and I loved their products but the scrub made me wonder whether its really their products. Here’s the detailed review:

The Packaging

No doubt, I have used Alanna’s products earlier and I am quite impressed with their simple yet elegantly-looking packaging. So, this product also came to me with equally secure and beautiful packaging when I ordered it from Amazon.in. Since I am an Amazon Prime customer, I get all my products before the expected delivery date. (To know more about Amazon Prime benefits, visit this link: Amazon.in ).

The white colored box contains a transparent small tin with a secure thick lid. The plastic tin has glossy golden colored lid that makes its appearance very luxurious. The lid is also attached with paper-thin lid that prevents scrub falling out of it if you try to open it. That makes this small tin travel-friendly for sure!

The paper box gives out the product as well as  the brand’s information and the information about ingredients that contain in this product.


So, full marks for packaging!

Review of Alanna Detox Face & Body Scrub with Coffee Green Tea Coconut Oil Olive Oil

It was time to see that the bottle contains for me. So, I opened it. It was secured with a paper-thin plastic lid so that it would not spill scrub when you open it. The moment I opened the bottle, the burst of freshly grounded coffee beans greeted my senses.

The smell yes was heavenly as the scrub is made of natural ingredients like Coffee, Green Tea, Sea Salt, White Tea, Caramel blended with coconut and olive oils. I loved the smell of it.

Before applying on my face and body, I first wanted to try it on my skin to test if it is rough on my skin or not. And believe it or not, before I could even apply on my skin I found a huge lump of the scrub mixture that shocked me as usually the scrub is finely grinded powder of ingredients. It formed a lump of disappointment in my throat.

Next, I found the scrub mixture was not blended well nor it was grinded finely. Scrub is usually rough on our skin in order to remove dead skin from our tanned skin but that does not mean the scrub should have huge lumps of scrub ingredients.

Next day I applied scrub on my hands and feet and I found it very rough and it took me a bit of time to make it like a paste before applying on my skin. I had to this in order to avoid harshness that would have caused because of this scrub.

After rinsing the scrub off my body, I couldn’t see any instant results but yes I found myself fresh and cleaner than usual.

What I did not like about this product is that the scrub wasn’t grinded nicely and it gave me an expression of half-baked product ready to deliver to the customers (which should not be).

The scrub has to be a part of your daily skincare regime. Though it is a good product you will have to be careful while using it. Otherwise, you mind end up having rashes on your skin.

I trust that Alanna would bring some improvement in making this product more skin-friendly as I found their other products like soaps and cleansers are extremely good.

The Pricing

The 50 gram of Alanna Detox Face & Body Scrub for men and women is appropriately priced at Rs. 325/- on Amazon.in and if you are an Amazon Prime customer you would not have to pay delivery charges.


–    Travel-friendly

–    Effective product with heavenly fragrance

–    Cost-effective


–    Not finely grinded scrub

–    Can be harsh on skin, especially on sensitive skin

To buy Alanna Detox Face & Body Scrub, visit Amazon

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