Rainy season is here and all I can see is muddy roads, potholes, stains on my clothes and what not! Yikes, such season makes my skincare go for a toss and all I need is fresh and clear skin. Thank God, Himalaya has a lot to offer when it comes to skincare. They have brought a new range called Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear with four variants – Strawberry, Peach, Lemon, and Blueberry. The face wash help you #StayOilFreeStayFresh

So, I am reviewing today Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Strawberry Face Wash so that you know how I take care of my skin. Let’s begin!

Product information

Berries have won a special place in the field of skincare and beauty. So, there is no wonder why Himalaya chose strawberries for their next range of face washes. The Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Strawberry Face Wash is formulated with the goodness of red strawberries and gooseberries that remove impurities from the skin, leaving skin fresh, renewed and glowing. Let’s see what does it do when it comes to our skin and why should we try this facewash:


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What does it do to skin?

–    Removes oil, dirt, and impurities

–    Deeply cleanses and rejuvenates the skin

–    Enriched with Strawberry extracts and natural beads

–    Gives oil-free and non-greasy skin

–    Suitable for normal to oily skin

Key ingredients:

Strawberry: Known to possess skin-conditioning properties, Strawberry helps enhance the appearance of facial skin and restore suppleness.

Indian Gooseberry: The astringent properties in Indian Gooseberry help reduce excess skin oiliness. The tannins act as free radical scavengers.


The Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Strawberry Face Wash comes in a 100ml tube with a flip flop cap. The tube consists of a gel-like substance and packed with natural tiny beads that do well to your skin. It is a travel-friendly product as the cap ensures that the face wash does not ooze out. I liked its packaging as its appearance looks quite refreshing just like its functionality for our skin. Himalaya’s newest Fresh Start Oil Clear range is based on fruit extracts and hence, its theme is convincing by its outer appearance. You’ll see strawberry prints all over it and the necessary information like the list of ingredients, directions to use and its functionality is mentioned on the backside of the tube. The product information is written in a lighter manner. So, one can actually read as we usually tend to ignore product information written in a technical dragging manner. But in case of Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear range is different.

Surely, I loved the packaging and I loved posting pictures on my Instagram because of its cute, fresh appearance!

My experience with Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Strawberry Face Wash 

Honestly, having strawberries as a prime ingredient in skincare is no longer the newest innovation. However, I liked what Himalaya does in order to cater to every type of its consumer. So, even though strawberry has become a common ingredient in skincare, I tried this face wash. What I liked is the heavenly aroma of fresh strawberries that are sure to uplift one’s mood. On the first day, when I tried Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Strawberry Face Wash I took only pea-sized amount on my palm and slathered on my wet face. I kept slathering in a circular motion. It created a good amount of foam. The face wash is like a gel that contains tiny white and grey beads. I am sure you’ll like those beads when they come in contact with your skin. Once I washed my face, my skin was fresh, clean and absolutely clear.

Himalaya’s Fresh Start Oil Clear Strawberry Face Wash makes you #StayOilFreeStayFresh and yes, I recommend this product for its effectiveness!

Innovation & Price

The 100ml bottle can be used for more than 2 months as the quantity is good and it cost Rs. 140/-. My skin type is normal with minimally oily t-zone. So, any face wash usually does a great job on my skin. Though sometimes I do develop allergy due to its inside ingredients. However, luckily Himalaya makes products using natural ingredients and so most of their products are gentle on the skin.

I would say nothing innovative about this product since strawberries have become common ingredient these days in skincare and can be found in many products. However, good product for all skin types!


–    It works effectively on the skin, making it instantly fresh, clean and glowing.

–    A travel-friendly tube

–    Good for any skin type

–    The quantity is good enough to use it for more than 2 months

–    Good for daily use

–    A pea-sized amount is more than enough to wash face

–    Price is apt given its quantity


–    Cannot remove heavy make-up

–    Exfoliating beads in it does not scrub your face

–    The face wash may not be apt for very oily face



Good for daily use and is extremely good to have in your skincare arsenal!

I am ready to #StayOilFreeStayFresh with #HimalayaFreshStart Are you?

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