Do you like a fragrance of fresh fruits? What if you can have a face wash that has fruit extracts? After a long, tiring day, we want to look fresh and clean and having a face wash with a pleasant fragrance is a blessing in disguise. Thankfully, Himalaya has brought their range of face washes that you really want to try out. Today, I am going to review Himalaya’s Fresh Start Oil Clear Peach Face Wash to #StayOilFreeStayFresh 

So, stay tuned with me to know more details about this amazing product.  #HimalayaFreshStart

Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Peach Face Wash 


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Product information

The Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Face Wash comes in four variants – Strawberry, Peach, Lemon, and Blueberry. I am going to talk about each variant in a separate post in detail.

What does it do to skin?

–    Removes oil, dirt, and impurities

–    Deeply cleanses and rejuvenates the skin

–    Enriched with Strawberry extracts and natural beads

–    Gives oil-free and non-greasy skin

–    Suitable for normal to oily skin

Key ingredients:

Peach: Containing skin-conditioning properties, Peach enhances the appearance of the skin and restores skin softness and suppleness.

Indian Gooseberry: The astringent properties in Indian Gooseberry help reduce excess skin oiliness. The tannins act as free radical scavengers.


The Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Peach Face Wash comes in a 100ml tube with a flip flop cap. It is a travel-friendly product as the cap ensures that the face wash does not ooze out. Its appearance is very convincing since its theme is fruit-based face washes. So, the packaging is very apt for its theme. The tube has peach prints all over it and the backside of it provides all the necessary details that you might need. It includes the list of ingredients, its function and directions of its usage. Surely, its packaging is Instagram-worthy with its cute, fresh appearance!

My review of Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Peach Face Wash 

I personally liked Himalaya’s Peach flavored face wash. The moment I opened it, I was greeted with a fresh aroma of peaches and my skin just felt right with its skin-loving ingredients. After you wash the face with it, your skin is refreshed, glowing and free of impurities. So, I loved this peach flavored face wash. All I need to take a pea-sized amount on my palm and slather on my face. That much amount of face wash is enough to create foam. A gel-like substance that comes out of the tube has an ample number of natural beads which are white and grey in color. Somehow, I loved those beads on my face when I slathered on my face.  Once I washed my face, I really felt fresh, rejuvenated and clear. This face wash easily removes dirt, impurities from your skin and reduce excess oil if you have any. It is good for any skin type.

So, yes I totally recommend this product!

Innovation & Price

The 100ml bottle is enough to use for 2 months and it cost Rs. 140/-. My skin type is normal with minimally oily t-zone. So, any face wash usually does a great job on my skin. Though sometimes I do develop allergy due to its inside ingredients. However, luckily Himalaya makes products using natural ingredients and so most of their products are gentle on the skin.


–    It works effectively on the skin, making it instantly fresh, clean and glowing.

–    A travel-friendly tube

–    Good for any skin type

–    The quantity is good enough to use it for more than 2 months

–    Good for daily use

–    A pea-sized amount is more than enough to wash face

–    Price is apt given its quantity


–    Cannot remove heavy make-up

–    Exfoliating beads in it does not scrub your face

–    The face wash may not be apt for very oily face



Yes, totally recommendable and extremely good for daily use!

I am ready to #StayOilFreeStayFresh with #HimalayaFreshStart Are you?

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