I love the strong flavor of lemons. These bright yellow lemons have great cleansing properties that instantly clean your face and leaves amazing fragrant on your skin. Don’t they? This time, I am going to review the next face wash from the Himalaya’s Fresh Start Oil Clear range is Lemon Face Wash. So, let’s do it!

Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash

Product information

The Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash contains ample amount of lemon’s citric properties. So, one can expect a deep cleansing and freshness for sure. Lemons usually help you to #StayOilFreeStayFresh and with Himalaya, it is absolutely possible to have #HimalayaFreshStart

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What does it do to skin?

–    Removes oil, dirt, and impurities

–    Deeply cleanses and rejuvenates the skin

–    Enriched with Strawberry extracts and natural beads

–    Gives oil-free and non-greasy skin

–    Suitable for normal to oily skin

Key ingredients:

Lemon: Widely used in cosmetics for its great skin-conditioning properties, Lemon has refreshing and astringent properties which help reduce excess facial oil.

Indian Gooseberry: The astringent properties in Indian Gooseberry help reduce excess skin oiliness. The tannins act as free radical scavengers.


The Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash comes in a 100ml tube with a flip flop cap. It is a travel-friendly product as the cap ensures that the face wash does not ooze out. Its appearance is very convincing since its theme is fruit-based face washes. So, the packaging is very apt for its theme. The tube has lemony prints all over it and the backside of it provides all the necessary details that you might need. It includes the list of ingredients, its function and directions of its usage. Anytime I up for lemons as lemons are naturally a great face cleanser. So, this one goes without saying!

My review of Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash 

When I used Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash, the first thing I could feel is the smell of fresh lemons. Once I slathered a pea-sized amount of face wash on my wet face, I could feel the tickling touch of those tiny natural beads. I washed my face and I can see my face was cleansed completely, the dirt and oil were removed and a smell of lemon was lingering on my face. After coming from the office, the first thing that I really liked to do is to freshen up myself and Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash does exactly the same for my face.

All face washes from the range of Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear have gel-like substance and they function smoothly on your face, leaving your skin absolutely clean and clear.  Again, this one is good for all skin type.

Innovation & Price

Talking about innovation, then I would say lemon has become an extremely common ingredient found in almost all beauty products. Hence, there is nothing new about this face wash. However, it does clean the face. The 100ml bottle is enough to use for 2 months and it cost Rs. 140/-. My skin type is normal with minimally oily t-zone. So, any face wash usually does a great job on my skin. Formulated with natural ingredients, this face wash is again good to recommend to anyone with normal skin type and who do not have severe skin problems.


–    It works effectively on the skin, making it instantly fresh, clean and glowing.

–    A travel-friendly tube

–    Good for any skin type

–    The quantity is good enough to use it for more than 2 months

–    Good for daily use

–    A pea-sized amount is more than enough to wash face

–    Price is apt given its quantity


–    This is not an innovative product but lemon does its job really well

–   Cannot remove heavy make-up

–    Exfoliating beads in it does not scrub your face

–    The face wash may not be apt for a very oily face or one with severe skin problems



Good for daily use!

I am ready to #StayOilFreeStayFresh with #HimalayaFreshStart Are you?

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