Real beauty lies in nature. Try some natural products and you will be surprised to see the results. I recently bought a face mask from The Face Shop. I did not want to go for common face masks and hence, I chose Blueberry face mask. Excited to see the results? Read the review further and you will be surprised for sure!

The packaging

I am not sure whether packaging is hygienic and full proof as it’s a simple plastic pouch containing the face mask. I liked the fact that the brand has smartly used the color combination in order to stand out the packaging. At the back of the package, information related to the product is given with brief instructions to follow.

Overall, the packaging is decent enough to provide factual information and brilliant results.

The Face Mask

The face mask is like tissue paper that contains the essence of blueberries. The smell is quite pleasant. Its lightweight texture makes it easy to apply on the face. Before applying to the face make sure that you clean your face. Now pull out gently and apply it on your face. Keep it for 15-20 minutes and do continue what you are doing. While the mask was working on my face, I was watching videos.

The mask contains soapy cum watery substance which is basically the essence of blueberries and other natural ingredients. Once you pull off, you realize that the substance is still on your face. Let it be for some time and then gently rinse off with tap water.

Yes, after pulling it off, I did feel nice but trust me I couldn’t make out whether it was the mask that made my skin glow. It is because my skin is good and the best remedy that I follow for all skin problems is to drink lots of water.

Before applying mask
After peeling off the mask

So I would not say that the face mask did make any wonders for me as I used it only once and that too for the first time. However, I would say that you might want to try one for yourself.

For a single mask can cost you Rs. 100/-.

About The Face Shop

The Face Shop is a Korean beauty brand that aims to provide high-quality natural beauty products. It is extremely popular worldwide and has more than 300 stores across the world. Visit more to know about this brand at The Face Shop




–    It is infused with natural ingredients.

–    It comes with a nice pleasant fragrance.

–    It can be used during summer especially to cool off your skin.


–    Yes, it is expensive for a single face mask.

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