I was pacing back and forth in the corridor while negative thoughts clouded my mind and vision too. I kept thinking about the job and my relationship with this cranky baby. The job was helping me to pay my bills but my relationship was making me anxious. I thought about our first blind date and I never thought I would blindly follow this person only to fall into his trap. What satisfaction do I get from this relationship? This 9 to 5 job has become a routine but what if I could change everything at least for a month? What if I don’t have to see same faces but go on a blind date with the world which I can not see from my office window or through his tantrums? What if I could really travel to new places? What if I could spend rest of my life #Exploringtheworld ? What if is there is no #BucketList but #TheBlindList that I could follow….

And I went to sleep…..

Sea. Sun. Sand (Big Red, Dubai)

“Aah, it hurts!”, I screamed only to wake up to the sight of sand. The warm sun rays spread across the desert made sand shine like gold dust. Soon, I realized that I was lying in the famous sand dune of Dubai. I rubbed my eyes to wake up myself from the sleep but it wasn’t a dream. I saw a throng of people doing quad biking and sand boarding.

Few of them were soaking up themselves with vitamin D. I tried to gaze at the beautiful sight of Big Red sand dune as I never thought that the dry desert-like Big Red could offer me immense natural beauty.

But the waft of…..

The full circle (Devil’s Bridge, Germany)

But the waft of sandy winds forced me to close my eyes while I was in the desert. When I opened my eyes and what I saw terrified me and at the same time mystified me with its awe-inspiring beauty. I was standing on an ancient bridge that was covered with the thick foliage. The bridge was built right above the water and when I looked down I could see a reflection of a full circle. The sight was breathtaking as if my life has come to full circle. I always dreamed about such places whenever I saw on Television. The more I tried to see my reflection in the water, the more I felt woozy. So I closed my eyes and my vision enlightened me that I was in Germany, seeing the sight of Die Rakotzbruck (Devil’s Bridge).

But the only sight of water…

Nestled in a castle (The Swallow’s Nest Castle, Ukraine)

But the only sight of water made me dizzy and I quickly closed my eyes and I suddenly urged to rest. The next moment, I opened my eyes and I found myself in front of a giant yet beautiful castle built near the cliff.

My inner kid jumped out of excitement and I felt I am a part of some never-ending romantic fairytale. The endless ocean and nearly perfect climate made me squeal in excitement. I sang a song to myself just like Tyler Swift did in the song ‘Love Story’. I couldn’t resist myself taking endless selfies and imagining about having a grand wedding here. I saw happy people everywhere enjoying their trip to this amazing place and indulging in this beauty. But now the traveler in me suddenly wanted to run from the rush and visit a serene place.

I closed my eyes and prayed to take me to the most beautiful….

Serenity and Sheer bliss (Daigo Ji Temple, Japan)

I closed my eyes and prayed to take me to the most beautiful temple where I could find some serenity and natural beauty again. And voila! I could hear the soothing sound of flowing water and rustling of leaves and I could inhale fresh air – I was at the most serene, colorful and holy place, a Buddhist temple.

Image Credit – gallery.yopriceville.com

It was surrounded by dense flora and fauna and had all the autumn colors. There were visitors but I could sit harmoniously and praise and observe this place silently. It was a place to worship and after talking to a few locals I came to know it was Daigo-Ji temple in Japan.

An oasis of calm and serenity! I felt blessed by its beauty and untouched harmony even though there were visitors. I couldn’t imagine more as I wanted to visit more places…

I forcibly closed my eyes…

And the Hustle and bustle of life…

I forcibly closed my eyes and I found myself at the airport. What? This place? I went to explore the world and what is it for me here? I took a deep breath and tried to relax. Now I have to take some action and I went to the inquiry counter. I was on a blind date with the world but the reality struck me as my flight got canceled and my next destination was Venice. I don’t know a single thing about Venice but I always considered it the most romantic place on the planet earth. Those people have floating life like literally, isn’t it exciting? While I was in my deep thoughts, knowing that the next flight is after 9 hours I couldn’t do anything but sit still for sometime. My thoughts were interrupted when one lady passenger approached me. After a few minutes, we talked as if we were knowing each other for quite some time.

Four hours went by and we talked and talked more. We sat on the cold floor, checking WhatsApp messages, giggling in between. We cared less whether we were sitting on the cold floor or flight was late for hours. We were enjoying every moment of our surrounding. Some more time passed and she offered me a hot cup of tea. But oops! I spilled the tea on myself.

And the hot tea woke me up from my sleep…

What? I lay on the bed with open wide eyes only to realize that I was dreaming. I quickly got up and I said to myself that it is no more going to be a #BucketList but #TheBlindList

The dream gave me TRAVEL INSPIRATION like anything and I wanted to say a BIG #SayYesToTheWorld I wanted to TRAVEL TO EXPLORE more. Any more #SelfExploration? Nooooooot needed anymore!

Blind Date with the World

I quickly made #TheBlindList and posted a sticky note in front of my table. I picked up the call to inform the office but I did not. I packed my bags only to rush to the airport…

This post is my work of fiction for Lufthansa Airlines Contest in collaboration with Indiblogger. 

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