Life has become a racing court where everyone is in rush. Mornings welcome rushed hours and evenings end with tired limbs. Day by day aches and pains cause but we tend to ignore. Then slowly we hair fall problem, uneven skin tone, and fatigued body. The more it causes pain, the more become ignorant unless hair takes a backseat refusing to grow on our head. And that’s when we realize oh our hair is thinning or patchy skin looking unpleasant to attend any event.

Today, everyone is leading a hectic lifestyle – thanks to cut-throat competition. However, there is saying, ‘health is wealth’ and how much do agree to it.

Of course, whether you agree or not, its highly important that health should come first in order to live life stress-free. Also, it is good health that helps us achieve day to day goals.

One glance at working professionals and you’ll realize that most of us are suffering from one or another health problem. You would often hear complaints like hair fall, frizzy hair, dry skin, brittle nails, and wrinkles etc. Health problems are skyrocketing day by day but you’ll be surprised to know that there is only one pill that can handle all your health problems single-handedly.

It is none other than my favorite capsule – Evion!

Personal Encounter

5 years back I started having hair problems. Soon, my naturally silky hair became dry and lackluster. I was looking for a home remedy as I am totally into natural remedies. While I did my own research my doctor also advised me to take Evion supplements. Though I don’t like eating capsules I had my weapon to fight back my hair problems. All I had to replace my chemical-infused shampoo with organically made shampoo and I started having #Evion capsules in my hair oil. The recipe that I use even today for my hair is:

Since I have medium length hair, so I take 7-8 small spoons of oil.

4-6 spoons of coconut oil

4-5 spoons of olive oil

2 Evion 500 capsules

Take one small bowl and add coconut oil. Heat up the oil but keep it warm. (Caution – Do not overheat. The oil should be warm)

Add 4-6 spoons of olive oil

Squeeze 2 capsules of Evion 500 into the mixture of both oils

Gently massage your hair, scalp and also massage your hair ends.

Keep it overnight and next day wash it off with natural, mild shampoo.

I have been using Evion for many years with my regular hair oil and today, I don’t even need a conditioner as vitamin E oil itself conditions my hair.

After hair wash, my hair is soft, shiny and tangle-free.

Evion 500 (Vitamin E) – A powerhouse of benefits

Although I use Evion 500 vitamin E capsules for my hair but it can be used for various health problems. Vitamin E is generally beneficial for hair, skin, and nutrition. Here are few benefits of Vitamin E with easy remedies you to try at home:

  • Acts as a moisturizer

Winter is already here! While hot corn cobs might tickle your taste buds but it would not do anything for your skin. So, use Evion E capsules to fight off dry skin problem. Vitamin E gently moisturizes dry skin, leaving refreshingly rejuvenated, supple skin.


Mix vitamin E oil with a carrier oil like olive oil and apply generously all over the body before going to sleep. It moisturizes your skin overnight and also reduces hyperpigmentation problem if you have any.

  • Prevents premature graying

Premature graying has become a bane for today’s generation. Unfortunately, people in their early 30’s are facing this disturbing problem. However, the inclusion of Evion 500 capsules in your diet or even regularly massaging hair with vitamin E oil will slow down the aging process.


Squeeze Evion 500 capsules in your regular hair oil and massage your scalp and hair ends.

  • Strengthens nails

You so much love growing your nails and dipping into your favorite nail polish. Alas! They are brittle and tend to break easily. If vitamin E works for your hair and skin, it works for nails also.


Sqeeze Evion 500 vitamin E capsule and extract the gel from it. Put it into a bowl of warm water. Soak your fingers for 10 minutes. Follow this remedy twice/thrice a week. Vitamin E helps you strengthen your nails so that you can apply your favorite nail polish any time, any day.

  • Works as a dirt remover

Everyday travel causes your skin to get exposed to dirt, pollution, and grime. Vitamin E work wonders for your skin. Don’t waste your money by buying expensive cleansers and use vitamin E oil


Add a few drops of vitamin E oil on a cotton ball and wipe your face with it. It not only removes dirt and grime from the face but leaves your face moisturized.

Vitamin E is a harmless oil if you use it in a right way and in a right amount. I have made Evion 500 a part of my hair care regime. After learning all these benefits of vitamin E which is full of benefits and fuss-free oil, one should definitely include vitamin E in their diet or make a part of your beauty regime.

Evion – Essentially beneficial for your health!

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