How about some eye-popping eyeshadow to cheer up your mood and celebrate this season perfectly? Oh yes, ditch that typical taupe, black, grey or blue eyeshadow and add some fun and vibrancy to your eye makeup with pop of colors.

This newest trend of the season is making round on social media and you should not fall behind when it comes to trends. Pop eyes is the hottest trends going on and from celebrities to biggest beauty brands are welcoming this trends with open arms and with equally wide eyes.

Right from our very own Sonam Kapoor to Rihanna and popular brands like Maybelline, Lancome and L’oreal are endorsing this trend with most exotic pop shades.

Think about neon green, bright yellow, vibrant orange, mint green to aqua blue – these eye-catching hues are really making social media colorful and crafty. Don’t believe me?

Check out these pictures as pictures won’t lie! Enjoy this colorful canvas while I come back with more trends to update you about:

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