I enjoy doing nail art as much as I enjoy reading newspapers. So, how about trying newspaper nail art? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Today, I am going to show you how an amateur can perform newspaper nail art on your nails without having professional tools.

Trust me guys, it is the easiest and interesting nail art that even you can achieve right from the comfort of your home. So here we go!

For Newspaper Nail Art you will need:

Image by TheStreetFolks.com

–    White nail polish as a base coat

–    Transparent nail polish as a top coat

–    Surgical spirit (which is also known as rubbing alcohol)

–    Approximately 10-11 newspaper cuttings

Step 1

Make sure that your nails are clean and clear. Apply a coat of white nail polish on each nail. Let it dry naturally.

Step 2

Once all nails are dried, pour some clinical spirit in a small jar. Dip your finger into the jar filled with clinical spirit for a few seconds. Now press a newspaper cutting on the finger for 30-40 seconds. Then slowly peel the paper off from your nails. Repeat the same action for nails. Let the text dry on each nail.

Image by TheStreetFolks.com

Step 3

Once all nails are dried properly, apply a coat of transparent nail polish on each nail. Tada, your newspaper nail art is ready to flaunt!

Image by TheStreetFolks.com

Important Points

–    You may use silver, peach or any other faint hued nail polish but white nail polish gives more clarity than the rest of the nail paints.

–    Surgical Clinical spirit is easily available at any of your nearest chemist shops

–    Make sure the ink gets dried well, otherwise it starts getting fade (which happened in my case as I rushed too quickly to apply the transparent nail polish).

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I hope you enjoy this post and let me know your experience with newspaper nail art by commenting below!

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