Mumbai, the city of dreams as well as daily screams! Yes, Mumbai has pollution and the noisy public. The city doesn’t know where to pause and poise. The city is all about pace and passion. However, if you are a daily train or bus commuter, you know well what it takes to travel through tiny and trafficked lanes of Mumbai.

Now imagine you are standing right in the middle of the street, noisy vehicles are passing by, the sellers are screaming from the bottom of their heart and you are making you away from throngs of people and at that very moment you want to create your own oasis of peace so that you can be recharged once again to work like a winner at the office.

You have nothing but a soothing music that can amazingly calm your troubled soul. But other noises can be an intrusion and a great pain in your ears and so for your soul. Thankfully, Bose comes to your rescue and gives you the time of your life in just matter of few minutes. Its noise-canceling headphones are such a sigh of relief to you that you no more bother about chatterbox sitting beside you in the train or travelers passing by and pushing you in the crowd as these headphones keep your eardrums entertained and stir your soul with that life-saving music.

Yes, we Mumbaikars very much want that revolutionary noise-canceling system to keep us going. Recently, possessing noise-canceling earphones have become an extreme necessity for us major metro cities have lost their charm due to ever-growing population and nothing can make us feel again that ‘Life is beautiful’ but these revolutionary earphones.

Today, we can boast of having Bose in our rescue kit but there was a time when headphones were still in a development phase and one could not do anything to bear the brunt of all types of noises. It is interesting to know how headphones were evolved during all these years. Now, let’s go back to the time where headphones were rather a headache than being a rescuer.

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In the early, 1890s, headphones used to be a single sided heavy speaker to hold on to the ear connected to a switchboard. They were not only used to look like a stethoscope but were extremely inconvenient to carry. Imagine, carrying such headphones in one of the crowded trains of Mumbai would have become a major mishap. Thankfully, our inventors did not stop here and they kept evolving with time only to make music more bearable and less painful.

In 1937, Beyerdynamic invented the first headphone for personal listening and that proved to be the eureka moment as inventors started focusing majorly on developing headphones for personal listening.

If this amazing discovery and development continued by inventors like Nathaniel Baldwin, then John C. Koss made music listening more advanced. In 1958, John C. Koss, a jazz musician from Milwaukee gave the world its first stereo headphones.

Mr. John C. Koss

From then on, the headphones revolution picked up its pace in the US and slowly other brands started developing more cozy and portable headphones. While brands continued developing headphones with advanced features, Bose made its mark by introducing its noise-canceling technology. In the era of constant traveling, where noise became a bane for these frequent commuters, Bose’s discovery of noise-canceling technology became a boon for them.

Bose made several frequent fliers’ journey soothing by bringing their Quiet Comfort Series QC1.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless II

And then, here it comes more advanced, more stylish, more comfortable Quietcomfort 35 Wireless II Headphones by Bose.

Alright, every morning catching a train and listening to the crappy gossip of other commuters can get on your nerves. How can we even forget those constant horn honking and the throngs of people pushing you, making your already miserable life more pathetic? But then, Bose comes to your rescue and to envy your noisy neighbors with its irresistible features that you would not mind paying price for your much-needed peace, would you?

Wireless headphone revolution has rescued you from getting tangled between intricate wires and has made your ears happy. QuietComfort wireless headphones II comes with world-class noise cancelation with Google Assistant built in. You can now play music endlessly, receive texts and even answer your phone while ogling at the beauty of some Insta model on your mobile phone.

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And here comes the best part – you can ban those irritating and pulse-fastening noises from your life. These noise-canceling headphones are here to make your journey absolutely musical!

Now get the noise out and peace in your head with Bose Quietcomfort 35 II Wireless Headphones!

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