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Club Fígaro Announces the Pre-Nominees for the Spanish Hairdresser of the Year 2020

After the expiration of the period, in which the members of the Club Figaro selected their candidates via an open vote, we show the list of professionals who have been nominated as a Spanish Hairdresser of the Year 2020:

  • Alexis Ferrer (Barcelona)
  • Alfonso Martínez (Madrid)
  • Amparo Carratalá (Madrid)
  • Carles Sánchez (Arenys de Mar, Barcelona)
  • Christian Vendrell (Valencia)
  • David Rodelas (Terrassa, Barcelona)
  • Jose Boix (Valencia)
  • Jose Urrutia (Bilbao)
  • Mayte Garrote (Zamora)
  • Mikel Luzea (Pamplona)
  • Olga García (Cabezón de Pisuerga, Valladolid)
  • Rafael Bueno (Málaga)
  • Xavi Garcia (Madrid)

Now, the pre-nominees who wish to compete to be finalists in the premier category of the awards must present a collection and a dossier showing their career path during this last year. This collection may not be submitted to another category.

The pre-nominees have from 2 March to 31 May 2020 to submit their nomination. Following the deadline, the jury will deliberate and choose the three finalists who will parade on the day of the final award ceremony.

The period of submission for the rest of the nominations will be also open from 2 March to 31 May. As in the last edition, it is not necessary for the collections to be unpublished. However, these collections shall not have been published in any media (including social networks) during the year immediately prior to the year of the edition of the awards.

Both the registration and the upload of collections can be done online. All the information about the participation process and the official rules are available for download on the website of Club Fígaro:


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