It was dark outside and so was inside. Of course I was sleeping at that time but I was woken up by the sound. I switched on my bedside lamp and I looked around. Oh! It was my old mobile phone’s ringtone. The typical Sony Ericsson ringtone that no longer sounded pleasant to me. Oh, how could it be even possible? My Sony Ericsson had been my companion for 5 years. I shrugged my shoulders, expressing my displeasure for myself.

“Hey, are you awake?”

It startled me, literally my eyes popped out. The sound came out of the mobile phone. I shook my head in disbelief but it kept talking to me.

“Yes, I can talk even though you’re not using me for talking to your friends. Yeah, yeah I know I am no longer that attractive and functional but I am your best memory you ever knew. Don’t you agree?”

By this time I was totally awake and I couldn’t believe what was witnessing to. I was up in my bed and my old mobile phone had come out of drawer that I kept and was literally talking to me.

“Oh, so you do still not believe that I am talking to you. Yes, its me, your Sony Ericsson!” and it made the shrill sound so that I could completely come out of my sleep.

“Are you really talking to me?” I said unbelievingly.

“Yes, I am talking to you, the one you completely forgotten.”

I felt bad by its statement but it was true. “So, what do you want now and that too in the middle of the night?”

“Oh, now m I am bothering you right?” I swallowed hard as it continued talking to me.

“Do you remember, when you wanted to wake up on time, you used my alarm function. When you were in a joyous mood, you used to listen songs by using my memory. When you needed to talk to your friends, you used to talk for hours without realizing that I was getting fever. I mean the battery of mine used to get hot. You would stare at my screen while watching movies. I let you enjoy for 5 years and you did not even think once about me how much functional and useful I was. Moreover, I let you use my camera to capture the best memories of my life and what did you do with me when I got old?”

I felt really guilty and bad about my Sony Ericsson. It poured all its emotions in front of me but it wasn’t enough for it and it continued.

“I know, you must be feeling that I am giving you lecture but I am not telling this story to let you know how much useful but I wanted to tell my worth is more than that. Are you getting me?

I fumbled. “Hmm, I am sorry my Ericsson I know I just used you and kept you in a drawer locked for years while you were dusting away. I know how bad you must be feeling. Now, tell me what do you want me to do?”

“Yes, that what I was looking for! I was trying to tell you my worth. I have been working tirelessly for 5 years and I am still functional and look at your new phone. It keeps getting hang, if you drop, it breaks down and it isn’t that functional. Remember, the last time you tried to sell me for just Rs. 2000/-. I am more worthy than any other mobile phones. Why don’t you use me as your spare phone while you keep your new modern phone for show off?”

Now my mind quickly clicked what it was trying to say. I realized when last time I tried to sell my Sony Ericsson; buyers were not giving good amount that it deserved as my cell-phone had always been in a good condition. At that time I had very few options to sell my mobile phone online. Also, this idea never crossed my mind that I could have used my Sony Ericsson as a spare phone. Now I realized what it was trying to convey when it emphasized on its worth.

“It’s worth … it worthy of my time and money… do I have any other options?”  I was mumbling in my sleep. The shrill sound of my alarm woke me up from my weird dream.

The moment I got up from my bed I searched my Sony Ericsson in a drawer. The mobile phone was still lying around uselessly. I quickly picked out of the drawer.

“Yes, my Ericsson! I have to do something.” I spoke to myself.

My morning dream made sense to me. The phone was still working and that day onwards I started using it as a spare phone. I couldn’t sell it 5 years back as I had less options and now I cannot sell it as I am very much attached to this old phone of mine and nobody could have bought the phone since it’s an old model.

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