Too few people understand a really good sandwich. James Beard

Bored of eating pizzas & burgers? Are you looking for something light both in food & pocket wise? Head out to Café Highness!

Café Highness, located at Ghantali Mandir road, this cozy & cool café is a delight for Panini lovers. Paninis are nothing but sandwiches with an Italian flavor.

The café is cozily settled amidst the busy street and has simple interiors with theme of red & white. Once in, you’ll find a variety of paninis freshly made in front of your eyes. In Paninis, Mexican Panini, Sweet Corn & Mushroom are best to try out. The spicy taste of Mexican Panini and sour-sweet taste of Sweet Corn Panini is something you’ll like. Mexican Panini made of finely chopped capsicums, onions, & tomatoes with Mexican Mayonnaise brings spicy taste to linger in your mouth for quite a while. Though they do serve burgers & pizzas but their specialty is into paninis and trust me you won’t be disappointed as every café don’t serve paninis especially in Thane.

More or less the ingredients are quite same in every Panini. However, every Panini tastes differently. Side dishes like Cheesy Finger & Garlic Bread are too good to resist.

Their Pizzas are heavily topped by fresh veggies unlike what you see in an advertisement. I ordered Veg Pizza & Veg Paneer pizza and I was surprised to see that it was loaded with veggies with right amount of cheese making it extremely delectable.

Stuck between the lazy cool breeze & heat waves wafting during day, Thanekars can now gulp down Nut Crunchies like Mango Mastani. Made of Mango syrup, crushed nuts, a scoop of fresh Mango Ice-cream and some ice cubes makes this Mango Mastani super cool. You’ll enjoy the nutty coldrink especially during May season. Moreover, juices can be made little more watery or thick, whichever way you want.

Café’s tagline says – Taste it really matters & I totally agree with it as Café Highness keeps its word by serving the delights.

The café size is small but it certainly is a wonder when you’ve varieties of food with music at the background and free Wi-Fi service. I liked the overall ambience here. Within a short of span of time, the place has become very popular among school & college students.

The best part of Café Highness is that they prepare your dishes right after you’ve placed an order. Sometimes the service takes time but they say, ‘Good things happen to those who wait.’ And true to this adage, waiting doesn’t matter when the free music & free Wi-Fi entertains your time.

Only drawback of Café Highness is sometimes the cooking smell overpowers everywhere polluting the ambience. However, they cover up with hot, good food with cheap prices.

Overall, Café Highness stands out special in terms of their service, specialty & the ambience.

So when are you heading to Café Highness?

Rating ****

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