Are you planning to visit Byculla’s Rani Baug Zoo? Do you want to show your children wild animals and educate about wildlife? What is it like to be at the zoo? Is the experience worth to take even though the visit is very cheap cost wise?

Much-talked and much-heard about Humboldt penguins at the Rani Baug zoo, I was too curious and excited to visit the zoo after so many years. But what I discovered wasn’t much pleasant experience and here are the reasons why one day trip with your children at Byculla’s Rani Baug zoo isn’t, that great anymore.

  1. Traveling is light but not the soaring temperature

Traveling to Byculla is quite convenient but taking your children out when the scorching sun is blazing is not. In Mumbai, the temperature is soaring day by day making you sweat all the way to Byculla.

  1. Ticket price is cheap but the experience isn’t priceless

As soon as I entered in Rani Baug Zoo, I quickly got my tickets which cost me 5/- per head and there is no ticket required for children below 10 years old. That was the best part of my zoo trip that I could visit to see penguins at the cost of Rs.5 which would have been cost me around 5 lacs if I decided to go to Antarctica.

So where are the animals? Although the entry fee is cheap but there are only a few animals left to introduce to your children. Moreover, I was shocked to see ill-maintained and rusty cages where these animals were literally trapped. One look at these poor animals and you’ll realize that they are actually in a sorry state.

I couldn’t understand why these animals were not in a good health even though thousands of visitors come every day at the Zoo. (that definitely churns out good amount of revenue for minimal maintenance) My idea of huge elephant instantly melted as soon as I saw this small baby elephant. The same goes about Nilgai. The hippopotamus kept itself hidden in the dirty water. (The water looked very stale and dirty)

The python was kept alone. You could actually count as there are only a few animals left in the zoo. The crocodile was nowhere to be seen that kept people wondering about it.

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll disappoint to see the sorry state of the zoo and its animals.

  1. Visit Only for penguins – For a change

The best part of my entire zoo trip was to see these tiny cute bunch of Humboldt penguins. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of them but I got to see these penguins for a good amount of time. They were diving in the water together making it delightful experience for us. However, I wasn’t sure why there was no ice in the exhibit cube of Humboldt penguins.

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  1. Debris & clutter everywhere

See below pictures and you can see how much debris and clutter is left to be seen by many visitors. Who on earth leaves debris unattended and witnessed by the group of visitors? It can only happen in India. While our honored Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi urging common people to keep India clean and neat whereas the staff is highly ignorant about the cleanliness.

Most areas were left unoccupied for unknown reasons. Ill-maintained cages with the horrible smell not only were suffocating for us but just imagine what could have been the experience for these lovely, colorful birds like Kakakuwa, Pelicans, and Painted Storks.

  1. Children’s Gardens and varied kind of trees bring fresh breath of air

The only positive that one could look around is varied kind of giant trees with proper labels. It was good to see that these trees and gardens were well maintained. Workers were planting the trees and so one could inhale fresh air.

Also, there are two children’s gardens with plenty of toys such as slides, see-saw etc. After watching penguins, you might want your children to spend time in the garden. They will have a good time. But again the question remains the same how long these gardens will be maintained.

I would recommend this place to those who haven’t visited Rani Baug ever. It’s a one-time place to visit with your children. Animal lovers would be burst with anger and rather stay away from this place.

There is no proper information available about the Zoo timings. However, for your information, I have mentioned the details below. (You might cross-check online)

Mon to Sunday – 9 am to 6 pm

Wednesday – Closed

Overall, I was disappointed about my visit to the Zoo. All I can say that watching Humboldt penguins paddling, diving and splashing water might light up your mood.

By the way, the furry friend of mine popped out of somewhere at the exit gate as if waving me a goodbye!

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