I am a fan of ‘all things quirky’. I love buying quirky stuff and I keep stumbling across such sites where I can buy all the love. If you are just like me who love to express ‘self’ in a quirky way, then here is my latest discovery for you all quirky lovers.

Styletadka.in (Website Review)

I recently bought some random stuff as I wanted to check the quality of the products as the site claims. Fortunately, they did a good job!


I ordered a scribble pad and quirky badges. The first thing that I liked was the packaging. It showed that they have taken time to consider a good amount of branding. On the plastic bag, they covered their contact details and everything and ensured that it had social media handles as well.

Secondly, I loved the card that came with the stuff. Styletadka is a young, vibrant brand and it shows through their packaging and the kind of stuff they sell on their site. The card is actually very pretty that you would want to preserve. (Oh yes, I too kept it. I still don’t want to throw it away)

Lastly, they wrapped every product in a small plastic bag to save it from any damage that might occur during travel. Again, you can’t miss the way they have mentioned their social media details even on every small product’s pack. The color combination is just perfect, carefully chosen to represent their brand’s identity.


The scribble pad has a quirky note on it – “Kripaya Gyan Mat Baato Yaha Sab Gyani Hai…” the instant I saw it on their site, I just wanted to buy and then I made a purchase and I was glad that I did. The quality of the inner pages is good. It has a glossy cover and it is as good as a hard-bind book.

Oh, those lovely badges with quirky quotes won my heart at a first sight. Okay, let me tell you know the short story behind my purchase of these badges.

The one that says – ETC – End of Thinking Capacity indirectly indicates  my profession – yes, I am a full-time writer. There are days when I suffer from Writer’s block and that badge clearly states my mental state. That’s how I chose that badge!

Secondly, the other badge that says – “Does my sassiness upset you?” is for those who act like a total jealous person and I want to give them a clear steer indication that please stay away. And how can I deny that the girl on the badge looks pretty that does again represent me.

Yeah, badges reflect your personality! It shows what is in your mind or what do you think. It represents ‘You’. So girls, grab as many badges as you want at styletadka.in and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Site Navigation

Is very easy. Here’s how the website looks. Young, Vibrant and cheery!

What can you buy?

You can buy quirky stationary, printed tees, coffee mugs, fridge magnet badges, and coasters. Do visit, Styletadka to shop for more.

Overall, it is a small, nice and neat website. I’ll come up soon with my next discovery. Till then let me know how was your shopping experience with Styletadka.in


–    Easy navigation

–    Easy buying options

–    Smooth delivery at home


–    Limited products

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