Express your walls with Berger Express Painting Solutions

Transform walls into extremely expressive walls with Berger Express Painting Solutions

Make expressive walls with Berger Express Painting Solutions

“Aman, should we paint our bedroom wall in pink & hall in metallic gray?”

“Hmm, Shruti it’s very confusing to choose right colors for right wall?”

“Yes, I agree. Moreover, the painting will take days to finish. What about that recent ad about Berger Express Painting? Should we try that out?”

“Sounds like a good idea!”

Are you one of those under the impression that painting will take days to finish or confused to choose right color for right wall? Now painting is no longer painful but creative in every manner. Berger Express Painting presents you an array of solutions to choose from. Moreover, you’ll be astonished to see transformed walls painted in your desired colors.

Change the way you paint your home 

Now you don’t have to apply a long leave from your office or worry about final touches of the walls. Berger Express Painting solution comes a set of benefits.

It is faster

Berger Express Painting is a revolutionary concept of painting homes with the help of automatic machines that speeds up the process of painting.

It is dust-free

One of the major USPs of Berger Express Painting is that it allows you to sit & admire the work being done by their trained painters and still dust won’t bother you. It’s because it is dust free.

It is better

Most consumers get disappointed with the final finishing. However, Berger uses mechanized tools that result in a smooth finishing. After all, we need end results to be good!

Painting becomes even better than before. How watch here:

Let your walls become expressive  

The Berger Color collection is mindboggling. Their collection of colors are highly inspired by the rich craft traditions and colorful cultures found across India. From colorful festivals to colorful brands, Indian lives & homes have always been colorful. There is no wonder if Berger has personally handpicked colors across India to serve you.

From Metallic, light pastels to vibrant hues of orange, red rock, neutral tones of white & beige to light, floral colors , their list is exhausting one.

If you like metallic finish, Berger offers a number of metallics.

If you are inspired by calming blues, Berger has got innumerable shades of blue

You’ve sunny yellows to spread warmth & cheer to every corner of your house.

Whether pink & purple combination would suit to bedroom or sunny yellows would bring warmth in bedroom, all you need to do is to choose Berger’s Virtual Colour Painter.

It guides in 3 simple steps to stir your imagination even before you decide to paint your wall.

Choose Interior/Exterior – Choose Area (Bedroom/Living Room/Children’s room – Click on start – Choose colors from Color Palette


And you’re done!

Berger Express Painting is certainly revolutionary & creative. Turn your plain walls into extremely expressive walls!

Happy Painting!

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