Indian weddings have always been lavish and grand in nature. From planning good music, extravagant food menu, choreographed performances, to wedding attire, the saga of Indian wedding could go for weeks. But hello, who has time for all this? Yes, we love weddings, especially the themed ones that would tell us stories.

That’s when you should ring Baraati Inc team – wedding planners based in Delhi.

Who would have thought of choreographing for weddings & sangeets for friends & family would turn into a full-fledged business? Shweta Acharya and her two friends, Swati Sharma and Shikha Chauhan would conceptualize and choreograph for friends’ weddings but never thought that this would become a journey to remember for a lifetime.

They loved the vibrancy of weddings and they themselves believed in fairy tales and that’s when they thought of turning fairy tales into reality by establishing – Baraati Inc.

Today, Baraati Inc is one of the topmost wedding planners based in Delhi and the team handles everything from wedding planning, on ground wedding management to choreographies.

A wedding is an auspicious occasion in one’s life and in India; every family member wants to make a wedding as memorable as every ceremony they celebrate. Wedding and its preparations can often go for a toss if you aren’t planned well. You wouldn’t like every uncle or aunt of yours rushing to get something or other. Thus, weddings are for fun and today, wedding planners have come to your rescue. Baraati Inc team with their innovative conceptualization and planning skills makes your wedding exactly the way you always wanted.

I have listed down some of their services that you shouldn’t miss if the wedding is on the cards:

  • Wedding Planning & Management

Wedding and its rituals are crucially important as they reflect your values, beliefs, and tradition that you follow. Baraati Inc with its thoughtful execution and attention to the details ensure your wedding is nothing less than a perfect fairy tale that you always dreamed.

  • Live Entertainment & Choreography

Do you still remember the sangeet night of your friend’s wedding? Weddings have to have full of fun and entertaining. Baraati Inc leaves no stone unturned when it comes to conceptualizing your sangeet night. They ensure that your guests never leave their seat during the sangeet night with well-choreographed performances making a spellbound evening.

From stage & light design, theme based choreography, ambient artists to concept creation; they ensure every tiny thing is in place.

  • Baraati Inc Creates a Fairytale within Your Budget

Your hard-earned money can easily be wiped out if you don’t set the budget for yourself or probably you don’t know the numbers. Baraati Inc has a knack for theme weddings and that too within your budget. All you need to do is tell your dream wedding and they will make it happen.

So, before walking down the aisle, why not hire Baraati Inc for a perfect fairy tale?

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