A woman’s best companion ever is her handbag. Wherever she goes, her handbag follows her just like her own shadow. She carries her entire world in it, her makeup accessories, money, cards and almost everything. Handbags hold all day-to-day items, protecting valuables and knick-knacks from unpredictable weather, damage and theft. A type of handbag you carry also speaks about your style. These days bags are available in various designs, texture and colors that the desire of buying new one can’t be resisted.  There are bags for every occasion. Whether it’s your friend’s wedding, going for a picnic or attend an office meeting, you have a lot of choices to go with. From traditional shoulder bags, and clutches to sleek, stylish tote and laptop bags, the market is flooded with lots of them. Bags are no more only limited to everyday necessity, but they have become a part of an individual’s style statement. Here are types of bags every woman should have:

  • Shoulder bag
Shoulder Bag by Amazon

Shoulder bags are the most common and most preferred bags among women. This type of bag is very convenient to carry and your hands are free to do other things while your shoulder takes an entire responsibility of it. They come with variety, colors, sizes, and shapes with a shoulder strap. They perfectly blend with casual and formal attire without affecting your style.

  • Hand bag

As the name suggests, a hand bag is to be carried in a hand than hanging it across the shoulder.  Although hand bags defines your own unique style statement, but they come across as inconvenient options among other bags since they tied your hands up. Hence, women carry hand bags occasionally.

  • Sling bag
Sling Bag by Amazon.com

A sling bag is basically a shoulder strap bag with long straps slug across the shoulder. They are most popular among students and travelers as they can perfectly carry ease with style. Even office-goers and housewives find them convenient to carry. Sling bags also come with a short strap, which allows you to use it as a shoulder bag or simply use it as a sling bag. Sling bags are two in one bags preferred by many. Its Indian version is ‘Jhola bag’. Jhola bags have mirror and thread work on them defining their own Desi look. While sling bag can be teamed up with western as well as casual wear whereas Jholas can be paired with typical Indian casual wear.

  • Clutch
Clutch with a Bling by Yep Me.com

A clutch is a hand-held purse literally meant to be clutched. Carrying a clutch is an elegant style and it’s a purse to go anytime handy as its lightweight and size. They go well with western as well as Indian ethnic wear. A glittery designed clutch complements your sari well. They come in eye-catching designs and colors.

  • Hobo bag
Hobo Bag by Amazon

The crescent-shaped hobo bags are enough large shoulder strap bags in which you can carry half of your cupboard. They are usually large in size made up with soft material providing you comfort with lots of space in it. They look cute because of their size and they are available in several designs that you can team up with any outfit you like.

  • Tote bag
Tote Bag By Flipkart.com

A tote bag is commonly known as ‘shopping bag’ as it more often used for shopping. It’s a roomy bag with two handles. They are usually made up of soft fabrics and they are great eco-friendly options over plastic bag. They are not only extremely useful, but they speak their own style statement when you carry them.

  • Laptop bag

Laptop bag is meant to carry laptop and its accessories in it. Made of soft leather, they are robust so that they can protect your electronic items from unpredictable weather. They have a separate divider to put accessories like charger and adopter. They are convenient finishing your corporate look.

  • Backpack
Vibrant Backpack by Amazon

Backpacks are very convenient that you carry across your back and are supported by your both shoulders while your front body is entirely free to do anything in the world. They come in various sizes and designs. They are very popular among students and travelers. Whether you go for a hiking, climbing a mountain or catching a train, backpacks never make you uncomfortable. They are your ready-to-go bags anytime.

  • Duffel bag
Duffle Bag by Flipkart.com

A duffel bag is the biggest of all the handbags generally used during long travel or carrying sports equipments. They are frequently used by women who go for a long commute or are sportswomen. Duffel is a town in Belgium from where the fabric is used to manufacture the bag and hence, it’s named as duffel bag. Since they are large in size and thus, one can stuff in them lots of things making it heavy yet cool fashion quotient even during travel.

So, which one is your favorite?

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