When I go for shopping, I make sure that I buy a big, spacious bag for myself so that I can carry my whole world in this. The essentials I carry with myself is utmost important and I’m sure every woman reading this article will agree that. Here is the list of essentials you should have in your bag!

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a must have. You stand in the bus or travel by train and you can’t get rid of germs. Because germs are everywhere; they don’t need a ticket. If someone offers you to eat something, you can’t just eat with your germs-filled hands. Hence, hand sanitizer is the first thing that goes in the bag.

Lip balm/Lip Gloss

So you just ate something and your lipstick got washed off? Now? Keep lip balm or your favorite lip gloss ever ready to keep your lips shiny all day.

Compact powder

Compact powder is a great savior when you want to attend an urgent meeting and at the same time you don’t have time to wash your face to look fresh. Compact powder quickly gives that touchup and makes you to look fresh instantly.

Mouth freshener

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You don’t want people to run away from you when you ate an onion during lunch time, are you? Mouth freshener gives that much-needed freshness and good breath.

Face and hand tissues

Although hand sanitizer might kill those germs but what about your oily hands after you had a burger? Keep some hand tissues with you so you can wipe dirt and oil off your hands completely. You should also carry some face tissues, you never know sweating would wear off your makeup and would spoil your look as well as mood.

Sanitary pads

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It’s may not be your date, but tuck some sanitary pads in the small zipper section of your bag. They can be helpful in emergency and also, you could extend your hand to help ‘your friend in need’ and actually become a friend indeed.

Safety pins

Whether it’s your broken sandals or suddenly torn top, you always need safety pins. You could also use them as a weapon, if some roadside Romeo in the bus starts teasing you. Safety pins are a double-edged sword!

Portable charger

Our life is incomplete without mobile phone. Mobile phone carries a world of contacts, is a bodyguard, our entertainment and news system and many more. You can’t afford to have a phone switched off in the middle of something important. What a nightmare it can be and hence, save yourself by carrying a portable charger.

A good book

Nothing can entertain your boring bus or train journey than a good book. While constantly playing with touch screen, your brain may want thought food; so feed your mind, body and soul with a good novel. It can be Cecelia Ahern or Chetan Bhagat, choice is yours!

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