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5 Reasons Why You Must Watch MasterChef India Season 6

Although I am not a fan of reality shows, MasterChef India show is something I look forward to watching every week. MasterChef, one of the most popular culinary competitions across the globe is now being aired on Hotstar. The judges for Season 6 of MasterChef India are Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khanna, and Vineet Bhatia. The show has made me get glued to Hostar as I enjoy every participant’s culinary skill and their competitive behavior. There are many things that I like about this show. Watching MasterChef India has become a pulsating experience and there are many things that I like about this show.

Do you know why should you watch this show? Here are my 5 major reasons that explain why I love watching this show: 

  1. Witness an unbiased and honest judging!MasterChef-India-Judg

A judge has to be honest, straight-forward, disciplined and should be unbiased. There is a strong reason why the show has chosen judges like Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khanna, and Vineet Bhatia. They are popular chefs and highly professionals. They have already left an indelible mark on a global map with their culinary skills. If you watch every episode, you will realize how good the judges are. They do not show any favoritism and don’t hesitate to express their strong opinions against the contestants. At first, I thought Ranveer is a lout but soon I realized he is a perfect judge for some obvious reasons. He criticizes openly and gives harsh feedback to the contestants but at the same time, he does not hold himself back if he wants to appreciate the participant’s efforts and good work. Again, he wouldn’t mind dipping his hand in a batter to help a contestant or make him/her understand the procedure. This down-to-earth attitude of Ranveer’s has made me his fan.  With each episode, I started liking the Chef Ranveer Brar so much that I have started following him on Instagram.

Vikas Khanna and Vineet Bhatia are amazing judges and critics too.

P. S. I never used to follow any of the known chefs. Currently, Ranveer Brar on Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Your culinary skills will get improved! 

Yes, that’s true! I am not much into cooking but I wouldn’t mind learning a thing or two. My knowledge about culinary things has certainly improved after watching Season 6 of MasterChef India. I also became familiar with terms like crumb, honeycomb, etc. I got to know some bizarre cooking ingredients as well. I mean who would have thought of cooking a dish using cactus or hibiscus flowers? So yes, you should watch MasterChef India Season 6 from right now. You never know your cooking skills will earn you some accolades at least in your home kitchen! 

  1. The contestants are fun to watch! 

Every contestant is unique. My favorite contestants are Nandini Diwakar and Akash Sonkar. They are very simple, realistic and genuine. Although I find Smrutishree Singh, Akanksha Khatri and Abinas Nayak as strong contenders, however; their overconfidence has proven to be a hurdle sometimes for themselves. Smrutishree is a very smart and practical candidate and she plans well. Contestants like Smrutishree, Akansha, Mahendra, Abinas, and Natasha have formed their group. Unfortunately, they have not realized the power of one that I can see in Akash Sonkar or even Nandini Diwakar. I truly enjoyed this week’s episode. Akash was chosen as a captain and won the task. Later on, he also for the first time won the immunity pin and received good comments from judges especially Ranveer Brar. The episode made me cry and I felt good for Akash as he finally proved himself as a strong contender. 

I like Nandini’s simplicity. She is the only contender out of all whom I find very simple. It is good to see her in Punjabi dresses all the time. Her simplicity has won my heart. She always begins with a slow pace but then emerges as a winner. I wish all the best to all of them, especially to Nandini and Akash!

  1. No drama, pure entertainment! 

Unlike other reality shows, MasterChef India is a pure competition-based reality show. You wouldn’t find unnecessary drama, throat-tightening stories or weeping contestants. Yes, they are humans and they are bound to become emotional on Television. However, you would not witness any unnecessary stretching or camera-rolling in all different directions, unlike those daily TV soaps. When these contestants get eliminated, you feel their pain of losing or understand their struggle. Every, now and then, a new challenge is thrown at them and with utmost grace; they complete their challenges as well. In short, high on entertainment, low on drama and real competition to watch! 

  1. Want to be a chef in the future? See the reality 


Last but not the least; do not take this culinary competition lightly! If you want to become a chef in the future, you better be prepared to face these back-breaking challenges. Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khanna, and Vineet Bhatia show you their real-time challenges and how do they overcome challenges with their globally-approved culinary skills. Be it kneading dough, making jalebis or handling 500 kg wok, they know their job well! It’s an eye-opener to see them that they have not become celebrity chefs overnight. They have earned their reputation with constant hard work and ‘never-to-say-no’ attitude. They have an eye to detail and their skills are flawless. They show you how a good chef should have the right attitude and should be passionate about this creative yet very challenging field. 

Yes, there are some things that I find very hilarious and we can continue ignoring them when Ranveer, Vikas or Vineet Bhatia say ‘Ye tha aapka aaj ka Amul ka nuska’! In short, a promotional line for Amul products! Then again, now and then contestants are asked to advertise about Sleek Kitchens. And then ‘Kismat ka darwaja khola jaye!’ I find these ‘in-between promotions’ very hilarious. Anyway, just like me you too can ignore these promotions and enjoy watching MasterChef India Season 6. 

Please do comment below your reason for watching MasterChef India Season 6 and why! 

Till then happy cooking and binge-watching! 

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