“Destination wedding??? What, when & where? Aren’t they quite exciting, impressive & memorable? Destination weddings have received a lot of media attention and why it should not. There are a lot of good things to talk about it for days and there are obvious reasons why your recently married bestie has been talking about.

Yes, the destination wedding is not just another wedding that happens in any corner of the world but it’s a beautiful day that even guests remember for a lifetime. That is why, we suggest having a destination wedding. Here are top 5 reasons that you should have a destination wedding:

  1. Not just a wedding but a honeymoon too!

Your destination wedding preparations come with an exclusive set of advantages. As soon as you set your eyes on the location, there are many hotel partners give out perks for would-be couples. Some hotels might offer you a free stay at any of their partner hotels for your honeymoon. On the other hand, your flying carrier might surprise you with free flight tickets for your first next travel with them. Your destination wedding surely has got a flying kick! Isn’t it?

  1. With a picturesque backdrop, you’ll have a lot of beautiful photographs!

If you’re going to have a destination wedding, you don’t have to bother about the photographs. With a stunning location, you’ve got to get equally stunning pictures of your own wedding. Imagine Kerala’s picturesque backdrop, Dubai’s dazzling skyline or spectacular beach wedding in Thailand. These amazing locations have a lot to offer for your destination wedding.

Destination wedding not only offers a natural backdrop but a perfect setting to get an amazing pool of pictures that will tell the story for the years to come. Moreover, you’ll have a glittering album full of stunning photographs for those who missed your wedding, will ooh-aahed by looking at your pictures.

  1. It’s a quality vacation for your guests too!

Destination weddings are always worth to attend. They provide ample opportunities to create endless good memories. Your guests will plan ahead of time in order to attend the wedding since they will have an opportunity to explore the location, especially when they’ve never visited the location that you’ve chosen. Make sure that you give them a taste of local food and plan local cultural activities for them. Also, the wedding duration gives time for guests to spend quality time with their own families too. They will be more grateful than happy that they attended your wedding.

  1. Your wedding will be more spectacular and less stress-free

Yes, you heard it right! With destination weddings, you can be quite relaxed and stress-free as in-house wedding planners do all the work. Destination weddings are usually planned in advance and are detailed. All you need to do is to pick a location and you’re done. Other things are very well taken care of these professional wedding planners.

Additionally, if it is a destination wedding, most airlines and hotels give out promotional offers and other perks that you can’t refuse making it all the more reasonable.

  1. Your wedding will be unique and unforgettable just like a fairy tale!

You wanted your wedding just like a fairy tale that you always dreamed of. Yes, it is only possible if you’re going to choose a destination wedding. You can organize your wedding the way you always wanted. From your dream location, food, the kind of music you wanted and the people always mattered to you. You can always make your wedding extra-special by making it all exclusive. Will it happen at Jaipur’s historical palace or at the top of the mountain? Is the calming sight of beach excites you or the wedding under the starlit sky?

It’s your call how the way you want your wedding. you can sit with wedding planners and they will make your wedding extra-special, extra-exclusive and extra-unique.

Weddings are always special but choosing a destination wedding gives you a chance to make it unforgettable. Make your wedding tale that will last a lifetime!

Now, does the destination wedding excite you after hearing the reasons? So, what kind of destination wedding are you planning to? Tell us quick in the comments

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