10 Creative yet Cute Ways to Use Mason Jars

Back then, our grandmas used to store pickles in huge glass jars! Today, the use of mason jars is not limited. The Internet is brewing millions of gift ideas. You don’t have to use all of them. You can certainly use some of them to enjoy this cute-looking mason jars in your day-to-day life. Who said that you can only store the pickle in it? You can store your life in it, by all means!

So, here are some of the most useful mason jar ideas that you can use every day to bring joy on to your ‘otherwise boring dining table’ or ‘a kitchen shelf’!

1. Flower Vase

Simply put some fresh flowers in a glass mason jar and put the jar near your window. Let the sunshine reflect through the glass!

 2. Lamp light

Just put battery-powered string lights inside the jar and use it as a lamp light or a prop for your Instagram photos!

3. Pen Holder

You’ve just got a pen holder without spending a single dime!

4. To Stock Salads

Throwing an in-house party? Why not keep salads ready and stock in mason jars and even serve them in style?

5. Tea-light Holder

The best way to use a glass mason jar is as a tea-light holder. You can place scented candles inside and use it when you’re meditating or even during your reading session!

6. Makeup Brush Holder

You could use a mason jar to stock your makeup brushes. This way, it is easier to find your eyebrow brush or kabuki brush.

7. To Serve Desserts & Smoothies

Who could’ve thought having a drink in a mason jar? Nowadays, many eateries and hotels are inventing creative ways to present their food and one of them is to give dessert in a mason jar!

8. Storage Shelf

Where would you find all your knick-knacks now and then? Storing in a glass mason jar is the perfect way to end your daily struggle.

9. Your Personalized Planter

Mason jar can be used as a planter. It is one of the best ways to recycle and reuse glass.

10. Christmas Décor Item

Mason jars can be a part of your Christmas decorations. All you need is some Christmas ornaments like candy cones, tiny Christmas tree, mistletoe, etc and decorate the way you want.

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